[REPORT] Kin DAO January 2022

Hey Creatives Community!

We hope all of you have had a great start to 2022! It has been a very intense month for us to say the least. With the dip in NEAR and the passing of a close one related to our team we scaled down from our initial January goals. Even so, we still got a lot done and are looking forward to our growth this year.

We are redressing capacity levels for many of our council members and are preparing to open a new group of “community members” in Astro DAO once the UI allows for it to give all our contributors opportunity to participate on chain.

Social Media
We got approved to get funding from the Marketing DAO for January! Report on the way… You can check out our Marketing Proposal here: [Approved] Kin DAO January 2022 Marketing - #12 by adrianseneca

Virtual NFT Galleries
Instead of using our budget to scan / create more gold busts and mint existing artwork, we shifted to:

  • Purchasing a New Art City virtual gallery to fully realize our creative vision past the limitations of mintbase galleries.
  • Onboarding and supporting a new artist named Rock Ridgeway, a Buckminster Fuller protege, trans-dimensional designer who has been working for 45+ years on projects to house all of humanity and integrate human creativity with the process of life. He will not only be a huge contributor in the New Art City gallery but will also be a main contributor in building our real life infrastructures once we acquire land.

For Product Model
We have been holding weekly meetings to further the For Product Model growth and are preparing to practice it together on small projects before land ownership. @adrianseneca has created new graphics in collaboartatin with @Patrick-T-Anderson and @godofnfts of NFTs. We have begun the process of “gameifying” the model for easier understanding and education.

Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 6.03.16 PM

Screen Shot 2022-02-01 at 6.03.34 PM

Rather than onboarding 15-30 individuals we funded and onboarded a whole DAO! We would like to welcome EFAM (Essential Food and Medicine) DAO to the NEAR Community! We have worked in real life with EFAM during our Bath Party events where we brought showers, clothing, food, medicine and crypto education to houseless communities in the Bay Area. EFAM recovers, transforms, and distributes food surplus and natural medicines to unhoused, formerly incarcerated and low income communities to further the regeneration of people and land. They plan on engaging their creativity here with the Creatives DAO to help further their supportive efforts. Check out their introduction here: [INTRODUCTION] EFAM DAO

We are looking forward to what February has for us all!


wow! What a month!
Congratulations guys :smiley: Happy to know that you are onboarding other meaningful projects as this other DAO :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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