[Approved] KalakendraDAO Funding Request - January 2022

KalakendraDAO Monthly Funding Request for January

[Proposal] KalakendraDAO - January 2022

Funding period: January 2022

Team Members:

gurubaran.near - @gurubaran

monish016.near - @monish016

Target: kalakendra dao.sputnik-dao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: $2350

January Plans:

December has been a fantastic month for KalakendraDAO and you can find more details about our activities here on our December month report.

We have had some learnings from our last session and identified that website & good logo is extremely important. So we will be creating a website for KalakendraDAO post approval. We are also going to announce a bounty on the forum for our Logo.

The following are the activities planned for January.

1) KalakendraDAO Website: -

Total: $750

2) KalakendraDAO Logo Bounty

Total: $100

3) KalakendraDAO - Behindie Music Event - January

Total: $1200

4) DAO Moderation/Council: $300

Total funding requested: $2350

Target payout address: kalakendradao.sputnik-dao.near

Please ask any questions/need clarifications and we would be happy to address them.


Hey @gurubaran!

The proposal is approved, please request 170.1N (coingecko 9.1., 22:10 GMT, 1N=13.80$) from the Creatives Astro DAO :slight_smile: