[Bounty]KalakendraDAO Logo Bounty

KalakendraDAO Logo Bounty

KalakendraDAO needs a new logo for our activities. So we’re announcing a bounty of $100 USD in $NEAR.

The logo should fit very well in square & circle and we need two versions of black and white themed logos. The logo should not be cluttered & it should be neat.

Theme of the Logo

  • Digital Arts, Music, Dance, Collaboration, NFTs

The logos which will be designed should be compatible to use in T-Shirts/Swags, Signature, Certificate, Social Media Handles, website & Favicon. So it would be great if a mockup is showcased with T-shirt/merchandise along with the logo.

The bounty will run until 1st Feb 2022. Kindly submit your entries by replying to this post and feel free to be creative. We also welcome multiple submissions from the same person.

If you have any questions you can leave a comment here or feel free to connect in any of our channels: KalakendraDAO | Linktree


@yehosua.near @Maiker take a look here, let’s see if we can help :beers:


thanks fritz, of course we will help :fist_right:t3: :fist_left:t6:


Hello @gurubaran where to submit the logo for submission? I want to try :blush:


Ok I’ll see what I can do :grinning:


Looking forward for your submission @Eli22
You can submit the logo in this forum post itself.


Hello. Good day. May i ask where can i sumbit or is there a form to sign up? Thank you in advanced


Hey @Mel you can submit through replying through the post


Thank you sir. Ill definitely gonna join here :heart::100:


Hi sir. I just want to ask if we are required to draw on tablet or cellphone? Or i can draw on paper and take a picture of the logo?

It should be a digital assert , which can be used for various social media and.other promotion

Hello! all good?

This is my project for KalakendraDAO:
I was inspired by the Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) museum and also by the sacred geometric symbol Yantra, whose symbol is also found in the center of Jawahar Kala Kendra.
It brought a more clean and modern approach for easy application.

Hope you like it!


Suggestion requested in the telegram group:

Suggestion requested in the telegram group:


Hello, this is my entry for KalakendraDAO Logo. I made two outer design, one with the design of mandala and the other one with the music pattern. The middle design represent independent artist performing arts and the background of it is the faded logo of NEAR to represent the ecosystem of KalakendraDAO. This fits for black and white background.


Hi there, so i made a sample of the kalakendra dao logo
i used shapes and negative space to create an elephant with the use of color separation to indicate shadows and to add a 2d effect
here’s the kalakendra dao logo


Hello everyone,
I’d like to thank @Eli22, @C0D3 & @JAOD for submitting the entries to the KalakendraDAO Logo bounty.
The work was terrific, and we had a tough time picking one, but we had to make a choice.

Congratulations JAOD on winning the logo bounty.
Can you please make the following changes to the logo:

Making the logo somewhat look like kk/KK(representing KalaKendra)
And kindly place KalakendraDAO below the logo in a single line instead of placing it in the right side of the logo.

Once the changes are complete kindly share the files in the Google Drive link along with the PSD & PNG files & submit a payout proposal of 7.5 NEAR in AstroDAO

@C0D3 @Eli22 We appreciate your efforts & would like to provide a participation reward of 1 NEAR for submitting your entries. So kindly submit a payout proposal of 1 NEAR in AstroDAO


@Eli22 Is this your NEAR account: nicolesuria.near

Thank you for picking out my design concept, I’ll send immediately I’m done with the changes.
But I wanted to ask, I thought the bounty was originally set up for 100$ In Near?


Hey @JAOD , yes, the Bounty is for $100 in NEAR; you can Create a Proposal to Out Astro DAO

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