[Proposal]KalakendraDAO Website

KalakendraDAO Website

As we are looking forward to onboard Indian artists on KalakendraDAO we felt the information is segregated in different places. Hence we are planning to build a website which will act as a single place which will contain all our vision. It will also help in terms of SEO through which a lot of users can identify us and it will help us grow in the long run. The website design & programming is outsourced.

Web Hosting for 1 year $150

  • Domain - 1 year

  • Content Delivery Network

  • SSL Certificate for Security

  • Email

Design & Code: $600

Total cost: $750


Hey @gurubaran let me know if I can help you with the webpage, all for free :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Design β†’ Coding β†’ SSL β†’ Domain β†’ Email β†’ SEO

May the force be NEAR you


Hey @FritzWorm thank you so much for the generous offer & taking this website part off our shoulders. However we would like to contribute to the developer/team for the efforts taken.
So can you propose a lowest cost for all these work and we’d revise the funding proposal accordingly. And let’s connect to discuss more about this.
Cheers :beers: