[Approved] July/August 2022 – Cultural event to launch payment in crypto-currency on the Talk Away platform

Hello Creatives! I’m so happy, this is my first project with #nomadelabel-dao!


Introduction: Caminhadas Além-Mar (Beyond the Sea) - the first face-to-face event of the Talk Away platform

Funding scheme: Monthly

Good day! I’m Fernanda Paixão, founder of Talk Away startup.

I have been working with education and art for more than 10 years and since January 2022, I am building this startup.

Talk Away language is a marketplace of language experiences between people from all over the world. At Talk Away, tutor and student meet at a city location and practice a new language by walking. We offer both online and face-to-face formats. The online format is done through cultural experiences. We understand language learning as an experience and not just an information vector.

In the coming weeks we will introduce the possibility to pay in crypto-currency on the platform.

Get to know the platform:

A little more about me:


Iniciative sumary:

The cultural event Caminhada Além-Mar (Beyond the Sea) will be a city walk in Rio de Janeiro with a Moroccan tutor who will bring cultural aspects, immigrant history, and the Arabic and French languages. We will also have an online cultural experience with an Afro Argentine tutor who will talk about the black Latin and Caribbean culture. these two meetings will bring reflections about migratory movements, diversity and how cultural exchange modifies and enriches our life experience.

In this event, we will present the Talk Away platform and the new cryptocurrency payment method, inviting tutors and students to join the Near ecosystem.

After the meetings, we will create NFT inspired by walking and deriving around the river city and insert them in our future store at Mint Base.

The platform will insert the payment in the next few weeks, but the event will take place after this insertion.

Expected impact and value you foresee for the NEAR ecosystem/community:

We will introduce the ecosystem to people who don’t own cryptocurrency by holding this event. We will offering support for interested people to open wallets in Near Currency. We believe it is of great importance that more learning platforms can offer cryptocurrency payments.

The store on Mintbase will provide new NFT proposals mobilizing the NEAR community to create and mint their creations.

metrics for measuring success:

number of new users of platform, number of participants in event; number of Near wallet created.

Estimated timeline and achievement milestones: We started in January/2022 to build the platform and launched it in June/2022


Class preparation, sharing and launch event on early July.

Funding Details –

Tutors payment - US$ 125,00
Haydée Paixão e Mohammed El Jazouli (vão criar carteira, Fernanda Paixão fará onboarding)

Live broadcast on Instagram – US$ 60,00 (Flavia Goa - flygoa.near)

Design Flyer: US$ 40,00 (fazer Bounty para criação de Flyer)

Lab Creation Walking NFT (Nomad Label artists): US$150
artista colaboradora da criação dessa versão: palomaklisys.near

Bounty de colaboração na criação de NFT - US$50,00

Coordination, event cost and production: US$350 (fernandapaixao.near)

Total: US$775,00 (to be paid in DAI)

Best regards!


I would love to participate in the Lab Creation Walking NFT (or even as tutor) <3


Perfect!! Welcome in the Lab!! Which language do you teach?


Actually I work as a translator (en-pt/pt-en, es-pt/pt-es, en-es/es-en) ^^


Hi there! Do you have estimated numbers for this? :relaxed:

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Hi Adrian, thanks for asking. We thought of this estimate as follows:
number of new users of platform: 20
number of participants in event: 200 (average of participants in online and in-person event, views of online event video will be considered for this metric as well).
Number of Near wallet created: 15


Hello! I would like to do my Ongoing process here in this comment!

We held the walk in French and Arabic with a Moroccan immigrant in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the event had more online engagement in terms of numbers, but a very intense face-to-face engagement, with subsequent participation on the platform and genuine interest in crypto-currency and the web3.

From the moment we mentioned Near on Instagram and in the graphic arts of the events, many people commented and felt curious to know more. We realized that our audience doesn’t even know what NFT is, so until they open a portfolio we still have a way to go. This is very interesting and we are proud to be able to open the vision of more people to this revolution that is already happening: web3!

Doing events is primordial to establish the conversation in a more confident way, so we thank Nomade Label and Creatives for this space. Today we will have an online chat on the Nomade YouTube Channel and we will also hold the Bounty for creating a sound NFT in multiple languages! I believe the bounty will be a way for more engagement as well!

Here are the flyers for both events:

Beyond the crypto-currency theme, Talk Away aims to spread cultures, generate encounters, facilitate access through contact and language teaching. It was quite important to reflect on Arab immigration and in our online conversation today we will reflect on the theme of Afro-descendant culture in Latin America and the Caribbean, all themes were proposed by the tutors, thus revealing the individual and genuine research of each one.

We regret that we still have no word on when the proposal amount will be transferred to the Nomade Label, we already understood the situation at Creatives waiting for these funds and we hope this will be resolved organically for the whole ecosystem. :slight_smile:

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