[Proposal] Onboarding Talk Away platform – August | September

Hello Onboarding DAO,

This is our first time with you. The startup Talk Away is a language experience platform. Our teaching approach is based on conversation and cultural experience. The student schedules a walking tour with the tutor and the language practice happens on a walk, a derive through the city.

We launched the platform in June 2022, we have tutors only in Brazil and our goal is to expand to the whole world.

This month we added the possibility to pay in crypto-currency Near, through the purchase and creation of NFTs, supported by Marketing DAO. Below you can see our proposal and our report.

Access our platform and see below the links where NFTs and crypto payments are published:

Our startup is currently in a seeding phase and we would like onboarding support.

Our tutors opened the portfolio, but they know almost nothing about crypto and don’t know the Near ecosystem.

We would like to invite artist and Near ecosystem member Thaís de Almeida Prado (@thaisampr) - creator of Filmes de Infiltração DAO, for a more complete presentation of the Near ecosystem for the tutors that are already on the platform and for the newcomers. Thais has already had experience as a member and council of DAOs Nomade Label and Gambiarra DAO.

Hold an open call for new tutors worldwide and do a 1 month training on the Talk Away approach to language practice and the Near ecosystem, so that they can also accept cryptocurrency payments from students and know how they can have a good experience in this ecosystem.

We will give preference to immigrants who are around the world and want to teach their language as an insertion opportunity in the community they are in. We are also interested in inserting non-colonial languages such as Quechua into the platform (we already have one person interested from Guatemala).

We would like to provide after the mentorship with the founder of Talk Away, a certificate from the Talk Away approach that is an NFT.

There will be 10 new tutors.


August - open call for new tutors; onboarding of the ecosystem for tutors, partners and those interested in the platform. This onboarding will be disseminated to our mailing list and social network.

September - mentoring of Talk Away approach and Near ecosystem, making the certificate in NFT, second onboarding of new mentors.

Funding details:

Consulting with Thais and participation in onboarding - $180

Mentoring and project management - US$ 320

certificate creation - US$ 40,00

Simultaneous translation into English - US$ 150.00

Total funding:

US$ 690.00 can be paid in Near or stable coin.

Wallet: talkaway.near

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Hello @fernandapaixao

Please describe what includes each option

What consulting do you need? What’s participation included (how it happens)?

Please describe in detail mentoring and project management.

Also, I didn’t understand about "translation into English@. What will you translate?!

It looks like a private commercial project.

Onboard 10 tutors for 690$… hmm…

The budget is off that onboarding-dao support.

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Hello @mr_free,

I would like to change the word consulting to onboarding - Thais will do the onboarding together with me, she has been in the ecosystem longer and would have more information to talk to the Talk Away tutors and the new ones coming in. There would be two onboardings, with the current tutors and with the new ones.

Mentoring and project management is the mentoring that I will do for the new tutors, I will teach the approach for them to be able to join the platform, without this it will not be possible for new tutors to join. I understand if you don’t consider this something to be funded by the onboarding DAO.

If you don’t have that part, I will do an onboarding only with the tutors that are already in. This will be a $90.00 proposal to pay for this onboarding with the Talk Away team that is already in. If you agree, I will edit it. It’s important because the platform now has NFT and the tutors don’t know nothing about this.

The second onboarding would have tutors from all over the world and we would do a zoom meeting with translation from Portuguese to English, but the current tutors speak Portuguese, so if my mentorship is not contemplated by you, this need will not exist.

Finally, I don’t understand what you mean by this:

Captura de Tela 2022-07-22 às 09.27.42

How private?

Thank you.


Are you owner of TalkAway?
It’s a commercial project because, for example, you sell subscription

Thank you for your answer. Now, I understand your comment better. Yes, we sell our product, including the possibility to buy with crypto near. We are not a public, governmental platform, for example. We are building our self-sustainability.

Is onboarding for tutors who are already part of the platform something you consider supporting? So they can understand better about crypto-currency and enter the ecosystem in a more enlightened way, Thank you very much.


Hey @fernandapaixao, I’m still not clear. In the Take Away process you book people to go on educational walks? You are proposing they are compensated in NEAR? I’m trying to wrap my mind around it.

Hello, the Talk Away platform is a market place where tutors sign up and offer a language class, but we propose that this class be done on a walking tour. You walk with the tutor and practice a new language. Students pay for the first lesson to the platform and from the second lesson on, tutor and student agree to pay each other without giving anything else to the platform. All tutors are now accepting Near as payment, but they don’t understand much about the ecosystem. Subscription plans are a payment option that is also in Near for people who want to access exclusive content, but the major focus is on lessons.

Since it’s a new approach, I meet with tutors to get them to understand what it’s like to offer language classes by walking or with some online experience. I invite you to read our ebook that explains about the approach. https://talkawaylanguage.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/E-book-0_Talk-Away-.pdf?v=908f9fa6d01c

After this mentoring they join the platform offering their service as a language tutor. Get it?

Here below are the links where the near is offered.


tutors plan: https://talkawaylanguage.com/users/register/tutor-registration/?v=908f9fa6d01c

students plan: https://talkawaylanguage.com/students-registration/?v=908f9fa6d01c

NFTs gallery with explications for this you can scroll down the main page also:


and in each teacher profile there is a notice that they accept near, like this:

This tutor accept Near Currency

Thank You!