[REPORT] July/August 2022 – Cultural event to launch payment in crypto-currency on the Talk Away platform

Hello Nomade Label and Creatives!

With much joy I give you the report of the activity contemplated by this proposal:
[Approved] July/August 2022 – Cultural event to launch payment in crypto-currency on the Talk Away platform.

Talk Away is a Marketplace of language experiences in which tutors offer classes of several languages and schedule a walk around the city with the student. Our online format is done through experiences, like a chat around some theme, a gastronomic experience or something that the tutor can create.

Beyond selling tutoring services, with a specific approach, Talk Away is interested in promoting conversations between cultures in a totally cosmopolitan approach. This partnership with Nomade Label gives us this possibility, and the Near ecosystem also gives us the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.

Two events were held, in person and online, below are the flyers made by nomad @Daka:

The Walk was in French and Arabic, we had an audience of 4 people and an encounter with an Arabic music band on the way, in which the tutor Mohammed El Jazouli was able to participate by playing his Moroccan musical instrument, video below.

The idea of the class was to experience Moroccan culture in Rio de Janeiro and reveal the community that already exists here, interspersing Arabic and French, the events on the street inspired our conversation. After the event we had an insertion of another tutor for our site who attended the class.

Our online event had as guest Haydée Paixão, Spanish tutor of Talk Away with mediation of Fernanda Paixão and the council of the Nomade Label Rita Maria, it was very interesting how we managed to move the Nomade Youtube page, having a number of views above average. It was great to do it on Nomade’s channel, because Talk Away’s channel still has a low flow of people, so one project helped the other.

The conversation was about the contribution of African descendants in Latin America and the Caribbean, a subject vital to life in the global south. We hope it will nurture the Near ecosystem.

The discussion can be accessed at this link:

After these events we inserted 4 more tutors on the site and one of them is from Nigeria, a member of the Near ecosystem.

The upcoming bounty was cancelled, as we understood that a lot of material had already been created and absorbed around these two events, so the $50.00 bounty amount was returned to Nomade Label.

Talk Away’s NFT collection was also created with video editing by Nomade @Palomak. It was a very fruitful dialog, Talk Away can bring with artistic sensibility (which is the specialty of Nomade Label) the concept of the classes.


Metrics of success:

Engagement on publications and ads:

Finally, a new project emerged after all the movement caused by the events. It is to offer free English classes for vulnerable people. We have 1 tutor in New York who will offer English language walking lessons for Brazilians in vulnerable migratory situations and in São Paulo, the tutor Pi who is a member of Nomade will offer walking lessons for 3 students from the Favela do Moinho.

We believe that Talk Away in partnership with Nomade strengthens its purpose of expanding knowledge, connecting cultures and integrating people.

Best regards,

Fernanda Paixão


Beautiful and promising project. Congratulations to all the professionals involved. It was great to collaborate modestly with this proposal that unites education and human relations in a very powerful way.

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Querida Paloma, amei nossa parceria!! Muito grata!!!


thank you @fernandapaixao for this great report!
I just have somethings to ask you:
did you open new wallets? how many? can you list them for us? It’s important for us to show people we are onboarding through our proposals!
thank you very much!

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Yes!! The majority of our tutors:

and our English consultor:

The Talk Away community is getting bigger and we hope to open more and more wallets!