[Approved] GoaDAO April 2022 Social Media and Marketing activities funding

Marketing and social media plan of GoaDAO activities on April 2022
Expected impact and value. Metrics for measuring success

  1. MeetUps
    valuable part of GoaDAO activities, that allows to onboard new artists, study them about platforms on NEAR, show examples and give experience, perform contests, collect demands and feedback, as well as video reports for social media, that usually promotes the next meetup. every time it’s still an experiment, because every month we have different people’s questions and interests. For April we have approximate plan for meetups:
    1] workshop on stacking and ref_finance (swap, farm)
    2] introduction to NearGames.
    3] NFT-lab - studying Paras (with performing competition)
    4] how to create proposal from you creative idea

as metrics here i see:

  • the divesificity of artists on goadaostore on Mintbase:
  • statistics results of competition - how many artists participated, with how many voted won
  • how many new members start to be in the team (active initiative members)
  • how many independent projects will be proposed on forum through us on creatives category (and others)
  1. Social Media
  1. Instagram
    from 249 to → 300 followers ( + 20% )
  2. Telegram
    from 177 followers to → 210 followers ( +20%)
  3. Twitter
    from 68 followers to → 90 followers ( +30%)
  4. Discord
    → to create 3-4 channels and to fill, 10 users ( +50%)
    maintaining social media, answering there to followers, posting info about our updates and reposting projects from other DAOs, almost every day interactions.
  1. GoaVibes - making 10 NFTs from 5 events visited by GoaDAO sound engineer - continue (from March) the initiative that onboard musicians from Goa and collect the history of Goa-vibes on Mintbase.
  2. we’re transferring supported event from March to April (the funding for this event and for print promo for it - 95N on goadao.near in DAI). Here in Goa there are a lot of Ukrainian, Belarussian and Russian people who suffered for our families and friends because of political situation, and the whole month it was totally not a party-mood, nobody could think of entertainment, only of supporting people here and there. Now we discovered, what kind of event is actual now and organizing party, aiming for helping people to convert their money through crypto to rupees.

Links to similar, previously funded forum proposals

Funding details:

  1. Meetups /NFT-labs 100*4 = 400 USD = 28.6 N
  2. Social media
  • Twitter, Discord - 200 USD = 14.3 N
  • IG + TG - 300 USD = 21.4 N
  • IG-promotion - 50 USD = 3.5 N
  • design Manu - 200 USD = 14.3 N
  • content management - 100 USD = 7.1 N
  • video - 400 USD = 28.6 N
  • print - 50 USD = 3.5 N
  • equipment : mics (2ps) 100 USD = 7.1 N
    NFT-competition (on Paras)
  • awards 25N (350 USD)
  • managing 100 USD = 7.1 N
  1. NFTs from events
  • soundproducer goanspywaves 300 USD = 21.4 N
  • minting 150 USD = 10.7 N
  • managing 50 USD = 3.5 N
  1. intensives for wallets + for gas to mint NFTs for new artists during NFT-competition - 10N (140 USD)
  2. merch - keychains 50ps *2usd = 100 USD = 7.1 N
  3. server for bot - 10 USD = 0.7 N
  4. council work - 900 USD = 65 N

Total: 3900 USD = 280 N (price based at the time of posting 13.9 USD)

NEAR Wallet ID / DAO


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Hi @johanga please provide a breakdown for this item. Thanks

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thank you for your attention and question @cryptocredit !
first, this sum is counted according to rules and is 30% of budget
we’re 2 councils, managing all activities and performing all interactions for the train keep going
@NataShi is financial advisor in the team, she teaches connected places and people how to accept NEAR, how to withdraw to debit card, and how to deposit, she curates the process of people (who work with us or start to pay/accept NEAR) getting their money. She is the main who exploring 3xr-platform and can solve technical questions in metaverse
@johanga i’m dealing with NEAR ecosystem and with onboarding members to GoaDAO, connecting to lots of DAOs for collaborations and common projects, writing guides for social media of how to participate in NEAR ecosystem activities, sharing and explaining opportunities, as well as leading the team and reporting for all activities, expances and details.
As well as creating the monthly report; creating the monthly funding requests; managing communication in the forum; writing plans and announces for social media; managing the Goa DAO Mintbase store.
it’s almost the same as last month when i wrote

but now i start to have 1 dayoff in a week greateful to new council arrived

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Great stuff :muscle:

What’s stand for “design Menu”?

Is it the same person who works with your social media?

What the difference between

and council work ?

Thank You

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@Dacha happy to see your questiions

it’s the name of designer that start to work with us, it will be created many different designs of stickers and info-card during the month, we suppose not less then 20 different images will be done, like this: (as well as pictures for social media posts promoting our meetups and NFT-competition)

it was me who made texts for announcements and all for social media, and i hope to deligate these tasks to other people = to involve more people to our activities, so i put addition payment for person who can write texts for all social media (from info i send to him). i can reduce the sum if you think it’s needed, but generally i hope to grow a person who will be responsible for our social media including writing media plan for a month etc.
as for NFTs from events - it took a lot of time to make agreements for recording it with organizators that we didn’t see before we made it previous month . also last time we didn’t create gallery from GoaVibes events because was not enough hands for it. so we want to teach a person to coordinate it and to create gallery as a report and as a way of showing other musicians how it possible to present (and sell) their art through NFT.
the idea is the same as before - to attach more people to the team and to teach them how to create proposals from their creative ideas and to perform it, on the example of this project. this small sum of 50usd i see as the first step of onboarding.

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Do you have the social media links and examples of the videos you plan to produce?

Also, how will you run your contest?


our social media channels :
:busts_in_silhouette: TELEGRAM Telegram: Contact @NEARopenweb
:satellite: INSTAGRAM https://instagram.com/near.goa.dao?utm_medium=copy_link
:satellite: TWITTER https://twitter.com/goanearopenweb
:satellite: DISCORD NEAR_GoaDAO

examples of videos that were made
and how we use it

and two more has to be finished with editing today, one is a big for 4 minutes with questions and answers from meetups, with english subtitles

here about our last contest

this time we’ll make it on Paras
we’re creating guide how to mint on Paras, will perform meetups NFT-lab for studing and explaining details to people. everyone can mint a collection (and we’re helping to do it), but in competition 1 card is participating, the minter is choosing which one.
the voting performs in google.form (like last month) but also we wish to show, how it can be done through our Astro, so next month we’ll use only Astro for voting, when we collect more members to go there

here we’ve started to make announce about it (will be posted on Monday):
:sparkles:We invite you to take part in the NFT Creativity Contest from the GoaDAO project! :sparkles:
:white_check_mark: Contest theme:
:heart: Love and its Manifestations :heart:
:art::musical_score: To participate in the contest, you can publish on the paras.id platform paintings, drawings, or digital art created by yourself and relevant to the topic :two_hearts: :calling:
Competition starts on April 11, summing up from April 25 to April 28
:star2: On April 14, we will hold a live meet-up, where we will tell you in details about the contest and the paras.id platform for promoting NFT creativity :art:
:star2:And we will also help you upload your work to the platform and arrange it correctly

this are examples of guides we made previous month

T-shirts(merch that was done in March) will be prizes for first 3 winners
images of NFTs of 3 other places will be chosen for pics to print on GoaDAO stickers in May (with links to Paras)

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Ok, thank you. Happy to support your proposal.

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@Dacha @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors could we go further here please? We’ve held 2 meetups this week already and planning a lot, and kindly ask with support and approval of our activities :pray:

our previous work , if missed

I can support your project for this month @johanga – you still need one more @marketingdao-council member to make this approved.

I wanted to mention that I am more interested in seeing evidence of engagement, the people you’re reaching being active in the NEAR ecosystem and using NEAR projects than I am in seeing a 10-20% increase on social media. I think for ongoing projects, it becomes more important to be able to show real community building vs. focusing on social numbers. So I look forward to seeing the engagement you’re creating reflected/mentioned in your future report should this receive full council support and proceed to approved. Thanks!


thank you for your visit here @so608 appreciate your support, and your perspective. totaly agree with it:)
so that is happenning step by step - is naturally engaging active people from community. by our activities they are becoming interested in involving to the Ecosystem, last weeks i have many individual meets with people describing what are the steps and how to onboard with their projects to NEAR.
Telegram: Contact @NEARopenweb - you can see how active become our group here. people are asking many different questions, discussing usability of platforms on NEAR, they are waiting now for our april contest, asking for more workshops, waiting announcements for voxel classes from OctopodeDAO and so on.
this month the project of Fashion is arrived to our Creative category , and i’m just curating the project with proposal and onboarding only, but girls are studing how to perform all this by themselves. everyone need a time for study, so i’m showing examples from forum and making personal guides.
for next month we’ve started to work on proposal with musicians who came with interest about NxM and how to become members there.
after we started streaming events to Tamago , more artists came with interest and questions about how to perform some their ideas with NEAR, so we show the ways and doing onboarding paciently and naturally - same way the community is growing.
even now we’ve got a call to participate in the event in other state of India. they noticed our activities when visited Goa from Bangalore and asked us to present NEAR on their Conference, i feel it as a quite a nice result of our work :blush:

btw, very soon more DAOs and projects , engaged to NEAR ecosystem by us:)
happy to grow with NEAR

Hi @johanga thanks for your proposal. I have noted your replies to fellow Marketing DAO council members and see you are committed to growing your project.

I am happy to support this and will move to Approve.

Please make a Poll on Astro.

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thank you !! :pray:
there is a poll on Astro Astro

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The poll has now been passed by the Marketing DAO Council, you can proceed to pass KYC if you haven’t already and submit the payout request to the NEAR Foundation.

Follow this guide here for more information:

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