[Proposal] New YouTube Channel GoaDaoNEAR, October 2022

Name of Progect: New YouTube Channel GoaDaoNEAR, October 2022
Funding scheme: monthly

Hello from Goa Dao!

We are initiating a new large project is an expanded version of our project already approved in July (link), which was not having realization due restructuring of the consuls team.

This project will expect to be a long-term project, as the scheme of its work is looped and involves constant work on the expansion and growth of the Near community.

Goals and Purposes:

•Making events to inform people about Near and focus them that Near is fun and simple for them: live music concerts, theatrical performances, live DJ sets, and other popular activities to spread information about Near blockchain in Goa

• Making meetings after each event, organize workshops for authors to learn how to make NFTs out of their work

• Create entertainment and informational GoaDao NEAR YouTube Channel to promote the NEAR blockchain, and filling it by content from events, make advertisements for NFT products there and add links which will lead to NFT market places. Add lincs on all groups and pages of Goa Dao

• Create (prepare) and placement of NFT content on marketplaces

• Non-stop entertainment and informational YouTube GoaDaoNEAR channel, with content that will be produced by the Goa Dao Producers and copyrighted through NFT, and purchased through NFT from third-party authors. YouTube GoaDaoNEAR channel will provide information and educational programs about the NEAR blockchain, NFT, Market places easily and simply for the average person. It will be podcasts, interviews, videos, and also guiding how to apply for adding creative content on the YouTube GoaDaoNear channel, etc. On YouTube GoaDaoNEAR channel will be informational mini-videos about news and events in the Near world.

The channel will attract attention by using a musical and educational content.

Goals of GoaDAO NEAR YouTube Channel:

  • attracting new users, get introduce them with the Near system, guide visitors how to create NEAR wallets, minting NFT, using market places
  • informationally stimulate visitors of channel to create content for marketplaces by offering their products in the form of NFTs
  • make advertising of NFT products from authors who are collaborating with Goa Dao
  • sale of liked content to channel viewers through NFT on marketplaces
  • training those who want to enter the Near system, creating wallets, minting and creating NFTs with the help of small informational videos
  • buying interesting content for YouTube GoaDao NEAR channel from other authors

Thus, we are creating a full cycle mechanism for attracting people and guiding them to the Near world (creating wallets, showing the way how to buy products on the marketplace, how to minting NFT, and placing in marketplaces products by using NFT).

On YouTube GoaDao NEAR channel will promote NFT and marketplaces too

This project can be useful for other Daos who want to promote their NFT artists

To organize the event, we are working with the Magic Mash Promo Agency Team, a real [and now metaverse] full-service agency that has worked with a large number of artists and venues around Goa and who joined NEAR from GoaDAO as a partnership to increase social significance of GoaDAO activities.

@GoanPsyWaves – on board in February 2022, has been creating a highly skilled audio engineer (designer, audio engineer, engineer, editor) job since March, in GoaDAO is involved in every Metaverse stream and audioNFT production.
@MetaArtCluster - is an ideological curator, artist, event organizer.

Goals and Purposes of the event and meet-up

of Magic Mash Promo Agency within NEAR GoaDAO :

  1. To spread awareness about NEAR blockchain among goa-artists and venues - thus to increase naturally activity in social media channels of GoaDAO
  2. To train NEAR wallets creation directly during the event that we’re going to organize
    -to perform promo-actions that educate about the advantages and opportunities of NEAR wallet for users.
    -direct advertising and answering questions,
    -distributing flyers with information about Near,
    -registering wallets with explanations of its potential and usability,
    -to prepare (to educate) 2 NEAR Promo-girls to invite them to work on every such event
  3. To invite and onboard all kinds of artists through our meetups where we’re creating NFTs on NEAR marketplaces with them.
  4. To develop and grow NEAR community in Goa
    -by creating long-term marketing strategy for our NFT-collections.
    -to create GoaDAO membership NFT-collection with clear utility (concerns conditions of entering our events)
    -with a cumulative system of bonuses received from previous activities
    through NFT-drops to wallets for those who attends party,
    -owners of certain NFTs have discounts or free enter to the next our events,
    -through airdrop of minted photos from the event as NFT to new wallets to engage more people using NEAR Protocol.
  5. All content from the event will be used to fill the Goa Dao Near Youtube channel and post it on other social networks
  6. Helping authors create NFTs. A meeting will be organized after post-production/editing of the author’s content from the event by Goa Dao Production. At meeting author’s content will be minted by the authors as NFT and placed on marketplaces

ROADMAP for the nearest 3 months

(and mostly the scheme for further development)


STEP #1.

Organization of a musical event Kaleidoscope #1 in Goa A musical event involving DJs, visual artists, theatre performers.

Create entertainment and informational GoaDao NEAR YouTube Channel to promote the NEAR blockchain, NFT, guide to marketplace

  1. Development of the GoaDAO NFT membership collection, which includes 3 works of art in the form of membership cards of 3 different types: guest NFT card; NFTcard artist and NFTcard advisor. The NFT data will be used as tickets to subsequent events and provide other bonuses.
  2. Promotion of the event will be doing on most popular points of North Goa and include logo Near and necessary info about Near blockchain. Promotion will be on posters, flyers, stickers, social media ads and apps
  3. Creation of NEAR wallets directly during the event
  4. Conducting a promotion that introduces users to the benefits and capabilities of the wallet and the NEAR system.
  5. Direct advertising on event
  6. Distribution of info-flyers about Near at the event
  7. Hosting a metaverse stream of the event to show the artists its features and benefits.
  8. Professional recording of artists performances - video and audio for placement in marketplaces in the form of NFTs and installation in the YouTube channel broadcast grid.
  9. Editing videos, preparing content for teaching artists how to mint NFT

Metrics of value and success: the number of created wallets, the number of flyers distributed, the number of GoaDAO members in social networks.


STEP #2. Meetup - NFT-lab workshop
Meeting-training of musicians to mint their records on Mintbase.
Value and success metrics: number of artists and NFTs they create, number of GoaDAO contributors.

STEP #3. Redeeming these first NFT collections to the GoaDAO NFT Treasury on Astro to support onboard artists and show them how royalties work. To increase the credibility of NEAR and our DAO. use these NFTs for the next GoaDAO membership NFT collection.
Royalties and proceeds are shared between creators/artists and GoaDao/Magic Mash.
Value and Success Metrics: Number of NFTs Acquired

STEP #4. Posting the created content on the entertainment GoaDAO NEAR YouTube Channel

Preparing content for placement on the channel, developing a broadcast grid, creating commercials with links to NFT collections in the GoaDAO NFT treasure on Astro.
Advertising YouTube channel in social networks, creating cross-traffic.
Value and success metrics: the number of articles posted, the growth in the number of visitors to the YouTube GoaDAO NEAR channel

STEP #5. Creation of permanent exhibitions of these works on themes in the space of the metaverse Meta Art Cluster® of GoaDAO
Value and success metrics:

  • influence and participation in social networks
  • number of Metaverse gallery visitors


STEP #6. Organize the next event according to the Meta Art Cluster® structure (Kaleidoscope event #2) with the same functions as in the previous step #1.

Then again to step number 2 and so on, each time covering a different direction of art.

These steps create an organic natural growth in the level of trust and a solid reputation on the part of creative people and site managers of Goa towards Magic Mash / NEAR GoaDAO, which will develop in the coming months - with the start of the tourist season in Goa (October-April).

Our plan is to prepare very well for the upcoming “tourist season” so that we can take many more Indians and foreigners on board and put on much larger concerts, reaching a larger audience in real life and creating quality content on the platforms of the Near network.


Project Management among the Councils
(approximate distribution of roles)

Art Manager - Contacts with musicians, sound engineer, organize correct tech rider for the event @GoanPsyWaves

Advertising and location manager - Advertising and Location, organize and make promo, control over printing and distribution, reporting with photo and video content , searching for location, find and confirm the location for the event, @MetaArtCluster

Content curator - concept and development of the main ideas and slogans of the project for social networks and advertising booklet, train of Near Promo girls, connection to the NEAR ecosystem @GoanPsyWaves @MetaArtCluster

[all tasks can be shared between everyone in partner trust mode]


Marketing and communication tasks /

Funding details for the

Step #1 during month of October

I. GoaDAO NEAR YouTube Channel Launched

We are recruiting a new team of marketers – social media sales specialists – Violetta & Maria.

Tasks for the next month:

  1. Launch of a new infotainment channel GoaDAO NEAR YouTube Channel with continuous broadcasting
  2. Development of a marketing plan for the coming months for social networks and GoaDAO NEAR YouTube Channel
  3. Drawing up a broadcasting grid, posting content on the channel.
  4. Creation of media content to attract new users in accordance with a long-term marketing plan.
  5. Carrying out the necessary actions to attract the audience of the new channel in accordance with the marketing plan.

Budget: 500 usd

Summary of the regular GoaDAO Social Media Plan for October:

  1. Posting news and bounty on social networks - Instagram, Telegram, support for Twitter, Discord.
  2. Make promo design for event (Kaleidoscope) and post it in social networks
  3. Creating social media video content at the Kaleidoscope event - stories and reels, reporting posts after the event.
  4. Moderation of the Telegram channel and chat, communication and assistance to community members and newcomers in questions about the NEAR ecosystem, notifying the community about news and new projects of the NEAR Ecosystem and GoaDAO.

Budget: 500 usd

BOUNTY implementation: Development of the GoaDAO NFT membership collection, which includes 3 works of art in the form of membership cards of 3 different types: NFTcard guest; NFTcard artist and NFTcard advisor. The NFT data will be used as tickets to subsequent events and provide other bonuses.

Budget: 200 usd

Paid services for advertise the event

  • on Instagram and Facebook - 50 usd
  • in WhatsApp & Telegram groups - 50 usd

Event flyer design – 100 usd

TOTAL budget : 1400 usd

II. Printing Promo :

  1. Create and distribute the flyer - compose information about the NEAR blockchain, make design, do printing, do distribution in all popular places of North Goa (from Arambol to Anjuna).
    This flyer can be used at future events with minor tweaks.
    300 pcs. for print
  2. posters for the musical kaleidoscope - print 20pcs
  3. stickers - design and printing - 1000 pcs.
  4. distribution of promotional printing - 50 usd

Total: $200 (flyer design, printing, pre-event distribution)

III. Event: Organization of promotional event No. 1 “Music Kaleidoscope” in Goa , where

• tell artists and guests about GoaDAO
• connect them to the NEAR ecosystem, create wallets and offer to mint their records as NFTs.
• recording of performances of artists, editing, mastering and issuing to artists of their unique art material for learning how to mint NFT on it
• hosting a metaverse stream of the event to show artists its features and benefits
free entry with NEAR wallet and POAP NFT drop NFT ticket upon entry

Organization details:

  • Place for holding (expected number of guests - 100-150 people)
  • Arrangement of equipment
  • Booking musicians,Visual artists - fire show, LED show, BUTOH theater
  • Advertising - content and design creation, printing and distribution, guide guests, photo and video reporting in social networks
  • Train 2 “NEAR promo girls” how to open NEAR wallets and dump/send NFTs to it
  • Reporting video and photos from the photographer
  • Make video/audio+photo material of each DJ and artist - to mint it as NFTs
  • Metaverse Stream & YouTube grid GoaDAO NEAR YouTube Channel

Lineup of artists:

  1. DJ Fondel
  2. DJ Shekurov
  3. DJ Alina Matini
  4. DJ Allika
  5. DJ Kirasa
  6. Dance group theater BUTOH - 3 people
  7. Fire Show + LED Show
  8. Sound Engineer
  9. 2 persons NEAR Promo Girls
  10. 1 flyers/posters distributor

NEARwallet will be opened for each performer, NFTdrop with a membership card will be given to each - at least 14 performers
All of them will make at least 1 repost of the event announcement with all logos in social networks

NEAR Protocol promotional activities:

Spreading the word about the NEAR blockchain and Near platforms by:

– placement of Near logo and slogans on advertising products on the Internet, social networks; placement on posters and flyers on North Goa and at the event venue
– print the promotional products: posters, flyers, stickers
— distribution of printed promotional booklets and stickers 1 week before and during the event
— direct advertising and answers to questions, registration of wallets and an explanation of the possibilities of their use, invitations to the next meetups

Financing details :

IV. Wallet + NFT minting gas intensives for new artists before and during events - 100 usd
=30N at 1N-3.33usd; 0.1H=0.33$; 0.4N=1.33$
30 N is enough for 75 wallets with the number of transactions to receive and transfer NFTs;

V. Work of councils 1000 dollars

  • development of a roadmap for GOADAO for the short and long term
  • creation of proposals and reports, approval on the forum
  • keeping up to date with other DAO projects and events in Near, attending various DAO metaverse events to continually expand knowledge of NEAR ecosystem updates and create new ways of collaborating
  • coordinate the curators

Curator activities:

  • social networks
  • promo print
  • creating and activating wallets
  • establishing connections with artists, media, the NEAR ecosystem
  • blockchain, web3, NEAR protocol training, as well as any information about new features on NEAR, social media giveaways, forum rewards, etc.


• the number of open NEAR wallets - at least 50 per month
• the number of distributed booklets - at least 300 in the first month
• number of entries for NFT - means the number of minted NFTs after the event - at least 7
• number of NFT drops = number of event visitors who have a NEAR wallet
• the number of visitors to the stream metaverse
• Activity in social networks and on GoaDAO NEAR YouTube Channel - increase in the number of subscribers, comments and other activity.

Total amount requested: $4,700 (payment in stablecoins please)

NEAR Wallet ID/ DAO: omlakshmi.near

Wallet owner’s name: omlakshmi
KYC: omlakshmi

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