[Closed] Marketing regular Media-plan GOA DAO for November

Maintaining common activity, we’d love to continue its marketing support for the November with

I. Social media

all the social channels links are collected on Linktree
Instagram maintaining by content creation and by the way Youtube filling - 250 usd

Every 3 days we will post at least 1 postreels to our profile.
All the videos are uploaded to YouTube and then published to our Discord Channel.

The synopsis of regular Media-plan for Instagram channel of GoaDAO in November

  1. Translation into russian of educational video to YouTube - 1 per week (telegram and discord can be duplicated. In Instagram - out of format.) 100 usd
  2. For take attention of new people to Near Eco system we have to shoot video for Instagram on different popular places with tag of place and logo of Near with guiding information about Near and how to connect with Near community - 1 time per week
  3. Bounty review - once in 2 weeks
  4. Info-cards about Artists - once a week - presenting GoaDAO artists with Near logo on cards (100 usd for 4 design cards)
  5. Announcements and updates of the life of GoaDAO - once a week
  6. Reposts from other DAOs - 1 repost per story per week

Telegram , Twitter, Discord, linktree maintaining - 250 usd

Translation of educational content - 100 usd

Goals for Twitter Grow social media engagement, producing content with links that will lead to the NEAR ecosystem.

Creating 2-5 posts and retweets per week in order to increase our visibility to art and technology and attract new audiences to our activities.

Purposes for TG Moderating the channel and chat, connecting with artists and partners, helping community members and newcomers with their questions about the NEAR ecosystem, sharing the projects, bounties and events of NEAR Ecosystem and GoaDAO

design of 4 cards - 100 usd
bounty for stickers ones in 2 weeks - 100 usd
= 550 usd

II. Printing and distriburion promo

stickers - 1000 ps printing - 100 usd
from previous bounty on Creatives

  • new bounty
    cards - 50 usd
    distribution of printing promo - 50 usd
    = 200 usd

III. Council work = 500 usd

– create proposals and reports, approving on forum
– keeping informed about projects and events of other DAOs on NEAR, visiting metaverse events of different DAOs, to all the time expand knowledge about NEAR ecosystem updates and to create new ways of collaborations

  • responsibility for
    – social media
    – printing promo
    – creating and activating wallets
    – performing connections with artists, media, NEAR ecosystem
    – education about blockchain, web3, NEAR Protocol, creating and sharing guides, as well as any info about new opportunities on NEAR, giveaways on social media, bounties on forum etc, supporting in all possible ways of every onboarded memberartist to start be presented on NEAR and to study how to swap their art in crypto

Total requested amount 1250 usd for November (to be paid in Stablecoin)

NEAR Wallet ID DAO goadao.near
Wallet owner’s name

Previously funded proposals
Marketing DAO - April
Marketing DAO - May-June
Marketing DAO - July

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Thank you, I already fixed it :pray:

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Hello. Events and education categories are still on pause. So, could you please re-apply later? Thanks!

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