[Approved] Global youtube promotion on near protocol and near ecosystem - feb 2022

Everyone Set Your Reminder for Next Video is Live On Near Talks on Rainbow Bridge :heart_eyes:


Great job. What do you think about Near Games ? :blush:

Hi @Dacha can i answer ? We have created a telegram group Telegram: Contact @play_on_near , talking about games on NEAR. You can visit us, the best group at the moment in games!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Waiting for everybody! :wave:
Telegram: Contact @play_on_near :+1:

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Everyone is welcomed :smiley:

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Our Next video Will be on Near Games and Gonna Live Soon … it’s in Editing process :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Hello Everyone,
Talks on Near Blockchain Offical Live it’s Next Video as per comments and public demand on Near YouTube as well as in thread looking forward to see more comments

Till then Check this out Our New Video is Live

Lets Drive into it @David_NEAR @Dacha


Why Metaverse is BIG THING !!
Check Out Our New Video is OUT on: Talks on Near Blockchain: Best Metaverse Projects To Moon 🚀 Top Near Blockchain Metaverse Project 100X Possible !! - YouTube
@David_NEAR @damboy22

Metaverse is Big Thing >>>> NEW VIDEO IS OUT !!!

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