[Approved] Funding Request For Eth Milan 2023 : { Young Fresh Dao)

Greetings @creativesdao-council

YoungFresh dao would love to represent and support the creativedao community at the Ethmilan event, here are some of the ways our community will be of support at the event.

Young Fresh Dao is a home and support for creative students in Nigeria which will in turn will automatically promote the near ecosystem to all creatives in the world.


**Showcase the Creative Works Of Our Community through a live musical performance **

We aim to secure a live music performance slot, the pre production of this performance will be arranged by music artists in the youngfresh community, we will collect short clips and vocal samples of artists in the community, This performance will be a collective representation of the Youngfresh community for creative.

Live Presentation Of W3music

W3 music dapp is a one stop shop for all your musical needs, W3 music dapp is going to be a source of steady income for all players in the music field. ( Songwriters, producers, dancers, instrumentalists, talent managers).
W3 music dapp is at its development process , but will be launched to mainnet before the date of the event

We aim to get a slot to showcase the features of W3music Dapp at the event , we will onboard users to Near protocol via W3 music dapp at the event.

Work hand in hand with the core pew production team in the management and proper planning of the event before the scheduled date , calls and documenting of top line issues, budget, and support to the eth Milan production team

We aim to network with investors and creative minds that would help our community and Near ecosystem expand.


Young Fresh Dao will be represented by 2 community members, myself @larkim
and @Olakitan.

Larkim : cofounder youngfreshdao/ Artiste/web3 ethuatist/ community builder on the near blockchain since 2021.

@Olakitan : cofounder youngfreshdao / council Near Woman/ Project director of W3music, web3 ethuasist.


Create visibility for artist in our community as we represent the creative arm

** Onboard new users to the creative community with the introduction of W3music dapp **

  • Network with potential investors for our community and creative dao.

Flight cost : $2000 for 2 representatives.

We are gratefull to the creative dao for this wonderful opportunity to represent the community.

Target wallet: youngfresh.sputnik-dao.near):


Hey @larkim
The proposal for ETH Milan flight tickets has been approved by the CreativesDAO vertical.

To receive the grant, please follow the steps outlined in the guide below: Guide - Creatives Constellation Funding Guidelines.

Thank you so much @creativesdao-council , we really appreciate the opportunity .

I would like to ask if I can make a request to get invitiation for a council memeber of the community @Truce to also attend the event. He will be charge of the presentation of W3 music dapp.
His Tickets flight and accommodation will be taken care by him, he just needs an invitation from the creative community. Thank You

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Unfortunately, we don’t have any tickets available for the community as the available capacity has already been distributed with the approved ETH Milan Flight allowance.
Additionally, the CreativesDAO isn’t handling any visa invitation process; that would come directly from the ETH Milan team. We will provide additional updates soon.