Title: [Young Fresh Dao] - FUNDING PROPOSAL FOR [April, May and June] - [2023]


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Attended 3 community calls

  • DAO introduction

Home for Creative Nigerian Youths and those Young at Heart)

The primary aim of this Dao is to create a home and support for creative students in Nigeria which will in turn will automatically promote the near ecosystem to all creative youths in the world.

Youths are the leaders of tomorrow; hence any concept that favors them in turn promotes continuity and sustainability of the eco system.

  • Why team is best for the funds

@larkim : Artiste, vast knowledge on web3 ecosystem and community building, been actively involved in the ecosystem since for over a year, also mentored lot of creatives and community in building their daos.

@Truce : Artist, music creative, active participation in growing of youngfresh dao community

@sholabomi : Web3 enthusiast, community builder, helps in organizing of physical events.

Developers Team

  • Achievement information about the DAO

Our long term goal is to create a sustainable community for creatives in Africa, and since the inception of youngfresh dao, we have been able to achieve some milestones, that put us step further in achieving this mission.
One of the major highlights of our community is the building of W3 music dapp which is still in process, this dapp will provide income for small scale musicians in Africa . Here’s a demo prototype of the Dapp.

We have hosted physical events to engage community members

Physical event 1

Physical event 2

Music tutorial educational ( educational )

Call for songwriters

Smile selfie challenge

Instrumentalists challenge

Astrodao : 26 onchain members

YouTube : 69 subscribers

Instagram: 151 followers

Telegram : 165 members

Mintbase : music store : 50 nfts

Smile collection store : 17 nfts

Onboarded 300+ members ( 300+ wallet creation)

Goal for (April, May, June)
Onboard 400 to 600 from our outlined activities

Bootstrap and source for alternative funds to deploy our Music Dapp on tester( May June)

Test W3 music dapp with onboarded creatives in our community and show real results and demand for the dapp ( June)

Completion of W3 music Dapp and deploy on mainnet ( July)

Educational events, onboarding of new creatives, onboard our first 1000 active users to W3 music dapp ( August/September/ October

Income from sales on W3 dapp,
become self sustainable ( November/December).

  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under
  1. Art and Music

We are building a very strong and interactive creative community in Near ecosystem, we are doing this by creating a platform for talented creatives in Nigera to earn from their talents, by getting paid for performance at our events, we are also building a music Dapp that would be a source of steady income for small scale creatives in Africa and make us sustainable. Here is a demo prototype of our Dapp in progress


To increase the engagement of members in our community by assigning projects to active members.we opened a mini grant program for community members to also get involved in projects and activities.
Onboard a huge number of web2 creatives to the community via physical and metaverse events

Road Map

Week 1 &2( April 1 to 14)

Create a bounty to scout for musicians and artistes

Make graphics and 2 video contents. ( graphic will be used to promote bounty , while video content will be used to scout for new musicians).

Promotion of created contents

Create graphics and start publicity for physical and metaverse events ( events schedule to hold by June.)

Start our weekly quiz program on telegram for community members.

Scout for artists that will perform at our metaverse event . We are looking for 10 artists.

Week 3 & 4 ( April 15 - 30)

Select 10 artist that would perform at our events

Selling of NFt tickets for the events

Collection of nfts from selected artist

Telegram quiz

Announce our Young fresh Artist of the month.

One community call to educate community members

Keep track of projects assigned to community members

Week 5, 6,7,8,9,10,11(May 1 to June 20)

Secure a venue for physical events
Host metaverse event

Collection of data of potential attendees for physical and metaverse event

Physical event and education seminar ( June 2nd)

community calls to educate new members

Collect feedbacks from artistes
Mints and sell nfts from events

**Project 1 ( Community Artist of the month

Project 2 :
Metaverse Art Concert for performing artist in the community


Web3 seminar and Music Training


Hood Rep ( community Bounty)


Telegram Quiz

We opened a mini grant for active community members to submit proposals, these are the list of proposals that we approved

Project 6

Photography Express

project 7:

African ensemble

Project 8

Near Trek

Project 9

Multimedia presentation entailing Dapps built in the near blockchain

Council work ( project management supervision and social media moderation)
@larkim @Truce @sholabomi
( 25% of total budget)

Total request number: $5,000

DAO on-chain address (target wallet):

  • Are you in contact with the Developer DAO? Development of applications could benefit greatly from engaging with engineers. It should also be funded by development DAO as they are better suited to assess the technical viability and competence.
  • You are requesting money to pay artists at your own events? I can see how it is great for creating income streams but I do not see the benefit to the broader NEAR community - why should the Community Trust fund cover the entertainment expenses at your events?
  • What kind of tasks or projects can be assigned to members?
  • How would this look like?

Have you held any metaverse events in the past? Metaverse adoption has been very slow across the board (even in web2 where FB has invested billions). Would like to learn more about your strategy, tech stack to be used, any hurdles such as min. technical requirements for people to participate, etc.


I am glad to see the amount of quality project young fresh creative Dao is looking forward to executing. This is one of the best strategies I have seen to grow an active community so far.

At this time, we need to onboard individuals that will stay and grow with us. This approach makes sense to me, I look forward to seeing it come out well!

Kudos @larkim @truce


Hi @satojandro . Thank you for your response. Currently, for our dapp (w3music), we had a conversation with @williamx and @Paul . We would be working on it from April with the NDC initiatives. I just put it on the proposal to show what we have been doing


The payment assigned for performing artiste is our marketing plan to get more audience at the event. We would be paying artiste depending on the amount of fans they bring to watch them peform. This would encourage them to promote the show with their fan base and bring traffic to the event.
We understand the problem of low turn out of metaverse events, this is because web2 creatives are not given a real reason to be on the space and that’s what we are trying to do

We opened a mini grant program for active community members check details here.
We are assigning projects that would onboard new members and expand our community. Here are some of the proposals made by members

Multimedia presentation

Photography express

Africa ensemble night

Near trek initiative

I have participated 3 metaverse music performance. One for @tabear and @ted.iv Muti live sessions , another with Nxm and metaverse dao. During this sessions I observed that the people in attendance are mostly from near community, web 3 creatives.
Like I mentioned earlier, our goal is to introduce more web2 creatives to our events. Our major tool to make this work is to get the performing artist invite their fans to watch. These artists get rewarded depending on the number of fan base they can pull off at the event.
I hope I am able to answer all your questions. Thank you


Thank you @Supercoolkay

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