[Closed]Young Fresh Dao Monthly Budget - August 2022

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current balance : 1,420 usd in Near, Daocubator :60N (TOTAL BALANCE : 1,681 USD

Previous Report

*Define functions for W3 music, *schedule smart contract.
*market place.
*application process flow, and payment options.

  • Gear: saving up for studio with live band music instruments , for live music rehearsals and sessions to collaborate with growing and established musicians, this will help the Dao grow in the physical world as well as becoming independent from funding.
  • healthy community interraction with music quiz and bounty.
  • mint 4 smile nfts from our store
    I will also like to add that we will be having our physical event from last month, RHYTHM CIRCLE. This event could not hold last month, due to delay in funding, we will be holding the event towards the end of the month or the first week in september.

Good evening, could you please provide a report ?

Thank You

HI @Dacha, the funds from dao cubator was not allocated to any project, it was given under the mentorship of @vandal to support future projects from young fresh dao.meanwhile youngfresh dao has been recieving funding from the creative dao, and have not made use of daocubator funds for any project yet. i have updated this proposal distigiunshing the funds recieved from creative dao and daocubator,for a clearer view.

In future we will make a report when the funds is used to carry out projects. Thanks for your concern, i’m happy to clarify.Thank you


Hi @larkim,

Personally, I don’t find this bounty add more value to NEAR, moreover, most people participating already on the Forum and have been around in the ecosystem.

About this:

Sorry I can’t support this as the proposal is very vague for me, there’s no information of what exactly you’ll buy with $500. I don’t agree with a proposal to just save money in the DAO treasury.

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Hi @williamx, Thank you for your reply. we ahave a mintbase store that is used to mint all smile pictures from the competition, This store is Dedicated at minting only smile selfies and smile related arts.here is a link to the store Smile store. Presently we have 4 NfTs
I will also like to note that this challenge has introduced a lot new people to the forum, from submitted entries a lot of new people join the forum for the first time to participate in this challenge, and also this challenge always comes out as the most engaged on the forum. T
This month we put a budget of 100$ to be shared amongst 5 winners, also our on.chain community members are always involved in voting process, as the selection of winners happens on astrodao. Aside from Creating NFts , this challenge is one of the ways we engage with onchain members. presently we have 30 onchain active members, with 90% of members are engaging in voting activities I hope I’m able to clarify

Hi @williamx , the reason we decided to save some money in our treasury for this project is because we want to get it actualized as fast as we can. Because we don’t have enough money to get a space yet and all other major things done
But following your opinion, instead of saving, we will be getting the gears we need immediately.
we have now decided to use the requested funds to purchase one of the important gears we will be needing for the live set up. which is a live studio mic.
This studio mic will be used by musicians in live recording and performances.

Getting this mic will help us cut down some expenses in our upcoming event
Rhythm circle and subsequent events

Thank you @williamx, happy to receive your response and use your advice, we will be glad to get your support on this,
We have updated the original proposal with the cost of the mic
please let us know if we are able to answer all your questions. We will be happy to use your advice and provide more clarification if there’s any.
I will also like to note that this post was initially edited after reaching a decision

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Hello @creativesdao-council , tagging for an update on our proposal :pray::pray:.

Hi @creativesdao-council , we really appreciate your works in guidance,and coordinaton of all daos under the creative arm. Tagging to get a final review on our proposal @creativesdao-council @FritzWorm @ted.iv @andresdom @hevertonharieno … Thank you all

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Hello Young Fresh DAO
Thanks for your submit your Proposal
but @larkim, I’am sorry to announce that Young Fresh DAO August proposal was rejected from the majority of the Moderators votes.

The reason why we did not accept this proposal was lack of clarity of Dapp W3 goals. Dosent seems clear for Creatives Moderators what is the value that it will bring to our community. Also there was a the strange misconception of addition of #daorecords logo, without have a actual partnership on this proposal.

I belive on your hardwork, and I am looking forward for seem the improvements on next month proposal :slight_smile:

blua personal note
It makes me think that your good intentions/ideas needs little bit more of engagement withing the community, growing projects by interacting with other DAOs can be a interesting path to go.

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Hello, about the logo. This was a mistake from our side (Developers), we were creating the landing proposal and we and we placed a logo example, this is not the logo of the project. As soon we realized we removed from the design. You can check here:



Hi @blusw , Thank you for your reply, i understand this decision was made by the moderators as you stated here, and I understand the amount of works moderators put in reviewing all proposals. Our Milestones and vision for W3 music was written and approved by moderators last month, after some clarification from moderators.
We have successfully completed milestone 1 &2, which we are suppose to continue with milestone 3 this month. [W3 music ](
I will like to break it down a little here again
We are creating a platform for
small scale independent artist and songwriters to connect and sell their creative works, regardless of where you are . A platform that allows a songwriter/ producer upload his song/beat for sale , in which another musician can buy, sing and release as his own (real value).
For instance imagine me as a songwriter that writes songs everyday but maybe I don’t want to be in the mainstream,I just want to write songs and make money, this dapp will help me get sales for my songs and make income from what I love doing as there are loads of musicians that needs the service of a songwriter or producer.
This is not just limited to songwriters and producers, but also to other creatives. [W3music]( 2)
We are creating a Dapp that will help the small scale music community from Africa to the world.
A lot of songwriters in Africa hide behind the mask and don’t get a lot of credit for their works, and most times don’t get paid.
Imagine a Dapp that connects all creatives ,where creatives can get job for their works.
The value of that w3 music brings to the community is unlimited.
We will appreciate it @creativesdao-council can join in the conversation of W3 music here.
Our team and developers @Developer @andresdom put in a lot of work to this ,and closing this month proposal will only delay our results,
Works can get overwhelming It would be encouraging if moderators can appreciate our efforts
If this month proposal cannot be open again by council members, we understand.
we will write again and wait for next months approval.
But we will love @creativesdao-council @williamx @FritzWorm @Paul @vandal join in the conversation of W3music dapp here, so we can give a clearer picture in our next proposal, if this will not be open again.
We appreciate all the time and efforts moderators put in to the community,we will be expecting a reply.