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Home for Creative Youths and those Young at Heart)

The primary aim of this Dao is to create a home and support for creative students in Nigeria which will in turn will automatically promote the near ecosystem to all creative youths in the world.

Youths are the leaders of tomorrow; hence any concept that favors them in turn promotes continuity and sustainability of the eco system.

Why team is best for the funds

@larkim : Artiste, vast knowledge on web3 ecosystem and community building, been actively involved in the ecosystem since for over a year, also mentored lot of creatives and community in building their daos.

@Truce : Artist, music creative, active participation in growing of youngfresh dao community

@sholabomi : Web3 enthusiast, community builder, helps in organizing of physical events.

@Macjaycee : A renowned musician and music creatives , he has hosted a music workshop and has been engaging with our community since the inception. He has experience in education of web3 and hosting of events and seminars

Developers Team

Our developers team are all near certified with history of building of so many dapps on the near ecosystem.
Check more details here
developers github

Achievement information about the DAO

Our long term goal is to create a sustainable community for creatives in Africa, and since the inception of youngfresh dao, we have been able to achieve some milestones, that put us step further in achieving this mission.
One of the major highlights of our community is the building of W3 music dapp which is still in process, this dapp will provide income for small scale musicians in Africa .

W3 music is a market place that would serve as a means of income for small scale music creatives ( producers & songwriters). A stop shop for players in the music field for all your music needs. ( beats, lyrics, and so on.) As an artist, I can get all I need to make my music,from the comfort my home .

Check our demo prototype here

W3 music

We have hosted physical events to engage community members

Physical event 1

Physical event 2

Music tutorial educational ( educational )

Call for songwriters

Smile selfie challenge

Instrumentalists challenge

Astrodao : 26 onchain members

YouTube : 69 subscribers

Instagram: 151 followers

Telegram : 165 members

Mintbase : music store : 50 nfts

Smile collection store : 17 nfts

Onboarded 300+ members ( 300+ wallet creation)

  • What category does your DAO fall under
  1. Art
  2. Music
  3. Culture


We are creating what will serve as a massive onboarding tool for creatives in the web2 space to earn on the dapp. This dapp will help small scale independent creatives earn a steady income from their craft , thereby keeping them in the space for a long time

For this proposal we are focused on supporting active artists in our community and building our dapp to testnet.


**Project 1

|Description:| ( W3 Music)
Project Overview :

W3 music is a market place that would serve as a means of income for small scale music creatives ( producers & songwriters). A stop shop for players in the music field for all your music needs. ( beats, lyrics, and so on.) As an artist, I can get all I need to make my music,from the comfort my home .

With W3music dapp, songwriters and beat makers can mint their works on chain and make it available for sale.

For so many decades in the music industry, songwriters don’t usually get enough recognition and credit for their works,We are going to change that with copyright through Nfts, powering the smart contracts.

*note: W3 music is one of its kind on the web3 space , it serves a unique value, there’s no dapp that currently serve the same feature as W3 music on the web3 space.

Take a little time to visualize this for a second, I will use a songwriter as an example

Imagine me as a songwriter, I have a lot of composed songs in my library, but I don’t know who is going to buy this songs, because the musicians in my vicinity don’t feel the need to employ a songwriter,which is quite discouraging for me.

All I have to do is make a recording of the songs I want to sell, not necessarily a standard recording, W3 music dapp will make it easy for artist to upload various qualities of the recording. I could make this recording with my phone and post it on W3 music dapp.

with a lot of musicians looking for songs to buy I would be making income from writing songs at the comfort of my house, I don’t even have to be a professional songwriter to sell songs, anyone with a brief song idea can record with his phone and put it up for sale.

while also getting credit for writing this songs as transactions will be powered by mintbase and recorded on Blockchain.

On the other hand the artist that buys the song can have access to singing, performing the song, he also gets real value for what he is buying. ( steady income for me as a songwriter, real value for the buyer).

This illustration also applies to a producer/ beatmaker, that posts his beat for sale.

Problem area that the project is addressing

*Lack of exposure for independent artist

*Insufficient Compensation

  • Difficulty In sourcing music services

*low sales of NFt transactions in music dapps built on near blockchain

*lack of African diversity in Web3 space

Problem of low sales and transactions in Music Dapps built on the near Blockchain

Most music dapp built on the near blockchain don’t really get enough transactions and usage, this is because a lot of creatives most especially in Africa are not yet in tuned with the idea of music NfTs and music streaming on web3.

To attract Web2 creatives to the web 3 space. we have to give them something that can solve their immediate problem. which is basically income. W3 music dapp is going to be the game changer in Web3 music, by creating a Dapp that helps creatives make money easily, this will organically attract them to the near ecosystem, as they will be getting real value for their craft and also spending more time on the dapp.

Team’s experience

Our technical team, dvconsultores, is a company dedicated to develop software since 2004, at this moment we are full in web 3 on NEAR protocol, we are a small team of 12 dev.

Maria Eugenia Arevalo is a NEAR Certified Analyst, NEAR Certified Professor, NEAR Certified Developer and successfully completed the NEAR Developer in Residence with NEAR Hispano. He has had an active participation in projects such as NEAR P2P Dex, Monkeonear. His role is project leader, architecture evaluation and standards

Andrés Dominguez is NEAR Certified Developer and NEAR Certified Instructor, successfully concluded the NEAR Developer in Residence with NEAR Hispano. He has had an active participation in projects like NEAR P2P : Dex,, Evie. His role is Technical Leader within the team and integration.

Herian Palencia is a NEAR Certified Analyst, NEAR Certified Developer and successfully completed the NEAR Developer in Residence with NEAR Hispano. He has had an active participation in projects such as Exswap, Raikumo, Monkeonear and HomeDelivery. His role in the team is to work on Figma the design and pass 100% layout to the frontend.

Cesar Coronel Is a Certified Analyst, NEAR Certified Developer and successfully completed the NEAR Developer in Residence with NEAR Hispano. He has had an active participation in projects such as Home Delivery, and will be in this project as Frontend.

Juan Ochando Certified Analyst, NEAR Certified Developer and successfully completed the NEAR Developer in Residence with NEAR Hispano. I work on the Backend of Defix3, Artemis Elearning and will be in this project working on the smart contract

As for the Graphic Design, it is under the responsibility of Joalis Rosario responsible for defining, together with Maria (Profile - Developer - NEAR Forum), the scope of the DaPP and the requirements and functionalities of the application. Joalis is a NEAR Certified Developer by NEAR Hispano. Responsible for the execution of Milestone 1

Gabriel Perez is NEAR Certified ANalyst, NEAR Certified Developer and successfully concluded in Developer in Residence with the P2P Dex Project, and for W3 MUSIC his role is quality assurance, validations, tests, integration

In the project timeline, each resource has its activity and its specific work to be executed. In this opportunity, we want to include the correct specialist in the correct milestone, that is, each one has their space and time to execute the activity that corresponds to them.

W3music github

GitHub account of team members

|Expected outcome:|.
Onboard 50 to 100 songwriters and producers to test the functionality of the dapp on chrome, mozilla, Safari, opera, google chrome, before launching on mainet.

Complete delivery of W3 music dapp on testnet before launching to mainnet.

|Activities & timelines:
Milestone 1: design Week 1,2
Definition brieffing Definition of technical requirements Design Logo Logo Approval Landing page Landing Approval Delivery of Logo and Landing

Milestone 2: Layout Week 3, 4

.- Mockup of the landing according to the approved design
.’ The framework will be Vue.js (Vue2) and node.js (12.22 stable version of Debian 11 server)

Layout Responsive, make sure the accurate behaviour from browser’s and operating system (Linux, Windows, Ios, Android)
Test in chrome
Test in mozilla
Test in Safari
Test in Opera
Test Chrome Mobile
Test on Mozilla Mobile
Check resolution and size of images Delivery for Testing Approval and Delivery Meeting

Front repo: GitHub - dvconsultores/w3music

Milestone 1 an milestone 2 already completed
Click here to view. W3 music prototype

Milestone 3: Backend Developer Week 1,2,3,4,5
.- Struct definitions
.- Smart Contract design developed in Rust, NFT marketplace, standart NFT functions (nft transfer, nft approve, etc), auction, redeemer
.- Ramper integration to onboard non crypto user to web3
.- Log generating to build the grapql
.- Smart contract marketplace
.- Smart contract NFT
.- Buy and sell options
.- Database Creation (IPFS) to store the lockable music samples

Back repo: GitHub - dvconsultores/w3music_backend

Application Process Flow Define functions Schedule Smart Contract Marketplace Payment options

Milestone 4: Frontend Developer Week 5,6,7,8,
-. Smart contract integration
-. Multiwallet conection
-. Add behavour to all forms
-. Validation of data types, input types, required fields
-. Graphql calls and query
-. Data types denfinition
-. Creation of two enviroment for subdomains testnet and mainnet
-. Node javascript server to work and upload ifps files
-. Testing in Browsers

Add Behavior Form Validations Integrate with Smart Contract screens Functional testing Behavior test in chrome behavior test in mozilla Behavior test in Safari Behavior test in Opera Behavior testing in Chrome Mobile Behavior test in Mozilla Mobile Message Creation

Milestone 5: QA Week

Testing Testnet Deployment in production

|Budget: $ 2,800

Project 2: Community artiste support

We will be supporting 2 artiste from our community every month based on the following criteria .

1)Strong engagement with community activities.( events, calls, publicity, etc.)

2)Has a strong drive towards creating ( music, arts etc)

3)Interacts with dapps on near blockchain

  1. Creates and sells Nfts

  2. Invite new members to the community.

This selection will be done by onchain community memebers.

We will be rewarding each artists with 150$, based on this cateria.

Our onchain community members voted @pootlongto11 from Philippine as part of the community artiste that would get support

Vote by onchain memebers to select artiste to be supported

Artiste for the month of April

Near wallet of artiste pootlongto11.near

Artiste near social profile

Near social arts of artists

Artiste will be make 2different arts Nfts for paras and mintbase.

First artist to be supported: @pootlongto11 150$.
This is the process in which we will be using in selecting the remaining 3 artists to be supported.

Expected outcome

     Support dedicated artists in the community 

Onboard 40 to 60 members to the near ecosystem

To increase traffic of new artists in our community
To encourage artists to make and sell nfts

Activities and timeline
Remaining artiste will be selected based on their engagement and vote by onchain memebers

150$ * 4 artiste:

Budet : 600$

We received a proposal from an emerging dao under the creative ecosystemIntroductory post, to make a video content that talks about the usage of different dapps built on the near blockchain, we intend to support this Dao as they are a new evolving dao in the ecosystem, click here to view details of the proposal Multimedia presentation .
Budget : 100$

Council fee : 800$ , to be shared equally among 4 council members.

Total Budget : $4,300

  • **What is the goal of the DAO’s objective?
    Our short term goal for this project is the completion of W3 music dapp and onboarding of 100 real users to test the dapp on testnet before it launches

Future Plans

Our vision is to get 10000 active users in 12 months, I currently reside in lagos nigeria, the creative hub of Africa, We will integrate a business plan that allows producers and songwriters users to get rewarded for every transaction made on the dapp.

We will host a fund raising campaign for investors to support producers and songwriters on the dapp, funds raised will be used to brand and promote the artiste( shooting a standard video , promoting their songs , buying some equipment for producers that cannot afford). Basically funds will be used to support music creatives on the dapp

We will have an extension of the dapp, where premium users can chat and interact with each other.

Aside from selling beats and songs , We will also have a segment where other players in the music field like instrumentalists, graphic designers, videographers can create a profile with their works and get jobs from people who will be in need of their services, something like a linkdin for musicians

Total Amount Requested: $ 4,300

DAO on-chain address (target wallet):

Last month report


I’m happy to support this project because this is ganna help me to add my school allowance… I hope this project will help the more artist,that I will imitate

Be creative :wink:
Be active :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I always here to support the project… “Keep moving forward… Don’t give up”


We are happy to support you. You have been a very active and dedicated member since the inception of our community.


Very clear and comprehensive proposal. Cheers


All information are here


This project was awesome because it will help all artist and music creator etc.
I hope you will continue to do that as many people as you can help


I am glad to see the amount of work you guys have put in even without funding; this commitment is rare!

I look forward to the success of W3 music & Young fresh creative Dao.