[Approved] Funding Request for ETH Milan 2023 - DedeukwuShryne DAO

Greetings @creativesdao-council

DedeukwuShryne DAO https://dedeukwushryne.com DedeukwuShryne is a tree curator community, multi DAO, bridging the gap between creativity and heritage using Web3 technology. Curating African creatives collections, Metaverse/iRL events and fashion exhibitions, we educate about the experiences using Web3 tools. We execute this through vodcasts and residencies with seven creators from seven tribes of Africa. We have been a staple in the NEAR ecosystem and are inspired further to expand our network and reach a greater audience worldwide while presenting at ETHMilan 2023.

Objectives :
To showcase the rich diversity of African culture through curated performances and captivating digital art NFT displays. We believe in the profound impact of NFT art in preserving our heritage for future generations. As strong advocates for DAOs, we aim to empower these organizations by assisting in content production, elevating their presence within the NEAR ecosystem. Moreover, we look forward to engaging in meaningful cultural exchange and networking with the global blockchain community, fostering collaboration and growth. By participating in ETHMilan, we hope to raise awareness about the importance of integrating cultural heritage into technology and inspire others to embrace innovative approaches to representation in blockchain ecosystems.

@NFTMuse USA Lead Curator for The DedeukwuShryne DAO
Vanessa ReyofLight is versatile in her expertise and skilled in multiple domains as an Interdisciplinary NFT artist, engaging speaker, A&R specialist, geotrader, and virtual real estate investor. Vanessa has established herself as a pivotal figure, adept at bridging diverse sectors and facilitating seamless onboarding for various projects and networks within the ecosystem.
@Earnest DAO Council Member & Content Lead.
Earnest is tasked with fostering strong relationships, inside and outside the community, promoting accessible education via off-chain meetups and elevating the ecosystem’s presence and impact.

Cultural Preservation: Showcasing African culture through performances and digital art NFTs preserves and celebrates heritage in the digital space.

NFT Art Promotion: Highlighting NFT art’s impact fosters creativity and encourages more artists to explore this innovative medium.

Empowering DAOs: Assisting DAOs in content production elevates their presence within the NEAR ecosystem, leading to growth and collaboration.

Cultural Exchange and Networking: Engaging with the global blockchain community fosters understanding and opens doors to potential partnerships.

Inspiration and Education: Emphasizing cultural heritage inspires others to integrate diverse elements into blockchain projects and raises awareness about its importance.

Increased Visibility: Participation at ETHMilan enhances visibility, attracting more users, investors, and supporters to the DedeukwuShryne project.

The DedeukwuShryne team’s presence at ETHMilan can have a lasting positive impact on African culture, music and art NFTs, DAOs, and cultural representation in the blockchain and crypto space.

Flight cost:


**Please note that prices are subject to change as we approach the departure date

Total request number: $2000 USDC

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): Dedeukwushryne.sputnik-dao.near

** Please note that Earnest Etim will need an invitation letter for the VISA

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Well done Vanessa! Good to see you around here!


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Thank you for making this possible @creativesdao-council !
Buzzin with joy to pollinate the ecosystem with community over in Milan!
Beaming with joy to represent DedeukwuShryne Dao!

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Hey @NFTMuse
The proposal for ETH Milan flight tickets has been approved by the CreativesDAO vertical.

To receive the grant, please follow the steps outlined in the guide below: Guide - Creatives Constellation Funding Guidelines.


Wonderful! Thank you so much!