[Approved] Funding request for ETH Milan 2023 - (C1 Guild aka Chapter One Global Charity Foundation )


Curation and Development of the Installation Exhibition

  • Contributing to the creative programming and experience of the event through corroborating experiences with other creatives.

  • As members of the curation team, we are dedicated to assisting physically in Milan with the curation of installation to drive an exhilarating showcase through our expertise in organising events.

  • Gathering video coverage and interviews from the installation that will be used for future references, educational purpose and to drive engagements of social media.

Plan and Promote IRL events with Near and Creative DAO communities

  • The main objective is to promote C1 Guild and its partners’ social good collection built on NEAR, the projects and creatives we have been working with in the past two years.

  • Encourage onboarding and funding of our current creative projects and those we have in store for 2024.

  • Collaborating with other DAO and communities looking to extend their reach to Africa and connect with the ever growing tech community here.

Build and invigorate relationships

  • Networking and fostering friendship with projects and funders focused on the creative-tech industry.

  • Staying up to date about the latest research on industry trends and tech insights from decentralised and open source projects.

  • Connecting and interviewing other members of creativeDAO, instigators and pacesetters of renowned communities in person.


Participating in our ETH Milan proposal are myself @Dedeukwu and @MYKHEL

Find more information on each member through the links below

Dedeukwu - Cofounder @ C1 Guild / Curator & Ceo @ Dedeukwushryne / Performer / Leader /Web3 Emcee
Mykhel - Creatives @ C1 Guild / Artist / Project Manager / Art Curator


Curation of Installation/Space

  • The passion for curation is the drive to Dedeukwu’s collaboration with other curators of the ETHMilan experience; determined to see that digital installations for NFTs, performance art and other forms of expression are in sync with creativesDAO and NEAR vision. We will be working with the group of curators from the CreativesDAO community to ensure mutual benefit and worthwhile experience.

  • Over the period of two years we have actively participated in several crypto conferences across Africa. With our experience from these events we have recognized several ways to contribute maximum impact through C1 Guild under the CreativesDAO vertical.


  • Encourage and promote onboarding of more instigators to buy into the vision of CreativeDAO and NEAR with the aim of supporting, promoting and onboarding more creatives into Web3 through.
  • Create a wider spectrum of what it means to support the creative community through video links to other past creative projects supported by the CreativesDAO


  • Collaborating and networking being one of the most vital aims of conferences, we will be connecting and interacting with as many people as possible sharing with them our roles and achievements at CreativesDAO.

  • Also, the video interviews gathered at the event will be used as a tool to educate and inspire other creatives who are still finding their way in the Web3 space.

Flight cost

Prices may change based on booking and departing date

The cost of the return flight to Milan from Lagos was done in Naira and the dollar equivalent is estimated around $1,850 for both participants. That is, about $925 per individual.

Attached below is the flight cost at the time of sending this proposal.



Why is no one from C1’s current council attending ETH Milan?

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Hello @Paul , I will be going as an advisor of C1.

@Acho is in the states and can’t make it while @Mr_Royalty won’t make it still due to school and @reespect will be representing PlanetLukukul.


The proposal for ETH Milan flight tickets has been approved by the CreativesDAO vertical.

To receive the grant, please follow the steps outlined in the guide below: Guide - Creatives Constellation Funding Guidelines.