[Approved] Funding Request for ETH Milan 2023 - Thespians DAO

Hello Creatives DAO and the NEAR Community,

We have meticulously been following the preparations and meetings of the ETH Milan 2023 within the Creatives DAO perspective and approach, and we are so excited about the success, growth and development that will come with it’s attendance.

The first of it is the opportunity to unite with other members of the Creatives DAO and have to learn in-hand and communicate directly with these Creatives personalities we have in this Ecosystem.


Most of the things we have been able to build as a DAO (in relation to Web3) have been through self education and indirect knowledge, this is a great opportunity to get inspired and boost the DAO’s activities, with the attendance of ETH Milan 2023; and the list of topics that will be discussed during the event.

We believe alot of topics, ideas and practicals would be carried out during the event, and we would not want to be left behind. We want to be there live, to witness; ask questions and participate with full chest. So that while other DAOs are growing, we won’t be left behind.

Thespians DAO would also be showing how relevant the African Traditional Culture is to the development of Web3 in Africa and to other continents, in exportation of Culture through Drama.


Two of our Council Members would be made available to attend the ETH Milan; if and when the Creatives DAO approves the list of volunteers/DAOs to attend.

@roxy would be arranging with Creatives DAO to see how we can present a Stage Drama during the event or premier our upcoming Short Film Drama NFT during the event. I will also help in arranging docu-videos and pictures in anyway the Creatives DAO would or might need my services as a Videographer or Photographer for the NEAR Ecosystem during the event.

@dandyjj is our production & logistics Manager in Thespians DAO. He has a great role to play in assisting the DAO in production designs during the ETH Milan. He’s also a Drone Expert in Nigeria; if there is a permission, he can help us out in that field. But most especially, he will be arranging props, costumes and makes ups for the Stage Drama Presentation during the event or assist in correcting technical errors we might encounter during premier.


We are bringing to ETH Milan a live Cultural Exhibition of Africa Traditional Mini Drama during the Event, titled “The gods also sell NFTs”

This could also be a Film Drama or Stage Drama, pre-recorded that promotes Culture and tradition, in relation to Web3. Or we premiere HK, the short movie:

But live performance by the Creatives DAO would give it that unforgettable experience and a better feeling. I and Dan will help direct and supervise the performance on behalf of Thespians DAO, for Creatives DAO.

This performance would give Creatives DAO a foot print that will never be forgotten, even years after ETH Milan 2023. It will give them the opportunity to share the stage together and preach the gospel of NEAR (it will involve everybody from different DAOs). Imagine @Paul being dressed as an African Chief :joy::joy: he won’t forget that experience in a hurry, including everybody watching him act for the first time.


As of today, July 5th 2023, this is the flight cost for one person from Lagos Nigeria to Milan.


This in dollar will be around $1,000 and that is the cheapest flight available.

Meaning it will take around $2,000 to get two Council Members to Milan.

We will also need a Letter of Invitation from a corporate body for the Embassy to grant us Visa to Milan

Total Cost For Two Attendees
$2,000 in DAI or USDC

Total request number:

2,000 USD in DAI/USDC

DAO on-chain address (target wallet):


Cc: @creativesdao-council


Good luck fam it will be a great opportunity for the community


Great suff! If we’re approved it would be great to collaborate on a showcase/event together! Good luck!


I’m so excited about this opportunity @vandal

Can’t wait to have a collaborative performance with you. It’s going to be soo fun and educating.

Thanks for this hand of partnership and opportunity :smiling_face: We are super positive about it and the end-product of ETH Milan


Really cool !!
Good luck there!
Here in Brazil is so expensive the flight to Milan!
Success guy’s!! @creativesdao-council


Thanks alot @frado

Can’t wait to meet with all Creatives representing in Milan

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It would be incredible, but the ticket value limit is very low for South America to Milan, almost 20 hours of travel and connections. Next opportunity ! @creativesdao-council

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That’s amazing :clap: and is going to be a very wonderful experience …bringing such rare African culture to the event


Great job, i can already tell it’s gonna be a great time .

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Hey @Roxy
The proposal for ETH Milan flight tickets has been approved by the CreativesDAO vertical.

To receive the grant, please follow the steps outlined in the guide below: Guide - Creatives Constellation Funding Guidelines.


Thank you for this great opportunity @Paul and all @creativesdao-council

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