[REPORT] The Philosophers DAO monthly report for July 2022

Council Members






Project Status



Total requested: 5000 USD in DAI

Total spend: 4900 USD in DAI (+200 waiting in the treasury for august scholarship that started at the end of July + 150 usd for onboarding from this and previews funding proposals) (extra 8 near spent to open storage for our Mintbase store and 1 near to open a wallet for a course)

Total left in the DAO’s Wallet: 350 DAI (+ 18.1777 NEAR from previews months)

What we proposed

What we have accomplished in July/2022 (click to see the reports from each project)

  1. TPD Seminar
  2. Thought Experiment Philosophical Art
  3. Two-month philosophical scholarship (preferably in the field of art, philosophy or technology)
  4. Course on Blockchain and NEAR Protocol
  5. Four papers on Art, Culture and Philosophy
  6. Actions and KPIs of Marketing


4 philosophical talks
4 youtube videos from the talks
4 NEAR NFTs (videos + gifs from the talks)
4 NEAR NFTs (rendered gif from 3d books)
4 wearables for Voxels
4 arts to share the seminars
4 NFTs with art from the community listed on our store
4 NEAR NFTs from the Thought Experiment bounty
1 course with 6 hours
4 youtube videos were produced from the course
4 NFTs were minted for each lecture on Mintbase.
1 scholarship given (products in the future)
4 papers on philosophy, art, culture, and/or technology (1 less than we’ve foreseen, one writer did not send the complete paper)
4 NFTs minted (1 less than we’ve foreseen, one writer did not mint and make the payout) from these papers

Hiring the Community

The onboarded PhD professors were hired to give their talk. @jonadas, onboarded philosopher in our DAO made his course proposal, which was accepted by us. @adrimobbs also could make her first proposal in the marketing area, accepted by the dao. We also made bounties for the community: for visual art, for papers, and we created a scholarship too.

People in the DAO (Community Group): 21 https://app.astrodao.com/dao/the-philosophers-dao.sputnik-dao.near/groups/all

Updated Project Timeline

As we received the approval pretty late, we took some time to finish our projects, but they were all completed in time (except for the papers proposal) for sending the report and the proposal on the right day.


We started by continuing the partnership with the Incubadora DAO, both in the creation of the TPD Seminars project and in the selection of topics of interest to both DAOs. Two members of Incubadora DAO joined the Community group from our DAO, @JulianaM and @frnvpr. We started the project by selecting the proposals sent by the Professors. We are already articulating the combination of resources from the two DAOs to maintain the monthly discussion project on art, technology, culture and philosophy. Then, we grew the Telegram group for The Philosophers DAO Community (which now has 116 members - academics, masters and doctors). In this group we sent tutorials so they would have more information about NEAR, NFTs, and our projects, and we are helping the members of the community to start submitting their proposals. The seminars were a real success, and they are helping to bring students and professors to our dao. All videos are now available on our YouTube channel. The visual art bounty is becoming known among the community and the quality of the arts are increasing. Unfortunately we did not sell any of these NFTs, but we are organizing an exhibition soon, when we have enough art. The bounty worked well, but the writers had some difficulties to mint the NFTs. The blockchain course was really amazing because it had many views and it is a good material for philosophers to understand the theoretical part of crypto world.

Last month, in June we had 4 talks, 12 NFTs on NEAR, 4 wearables on Voxels, 4 flyers to share the seminars, 14 telegram stickers, 1 partnership with another DAO (Incubadora DAO), and we started our social networks. This month, July, we had 4 philosophical talks, 4 papers, 1 scholarship, 1 course of 6h, 8 youtube videos, 24 NFTs, 4 wearables for Voxels, 4 arts to share the seminars, 1 partnership with another dao, Incubadora, the development of instagram and facebook. The Philosophers DAO YouTube channel has now 881 subscribers.

Onboarded into NEAR:

Raí Feijö https://app.astrodao.com/dao/the-philosophers-dao.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/the-philosophers-dao.sputnik-dao.near-101

Paola Mantovani https://app.astrodao.com/dao/the-philosophers-dao.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/the-philosophers-dao.sputnik-dao.near-97


We could realize that philosophers have more difficulty to learn how to mint NFTs and that we must have a person available for doing this for them or to teach them. We also learned that if we let artists and philosophers to mint their works in our store, they could mint in a wrong way and have to do it again. We also think that we have to select some tutorial material for minting process because teaching one by one takes too much time.

Next Steps

  1. To hire a person to do the minting, given that the philosophers had some difficulties in doing it, or to teach them to do it.
  2. To increase contact with the Writers Guild and NEARXPublisher, given our mission also involves writing.
  3. To help the philosophers to make their own proposals.
  4. To increase the number of scholarships.
  5. To make stickers for philosophers that are women, in order to increase identification and fairness.
  6. To fund the famous Caio Souto’s interview show (more than 15,000 subscribers) and bring him and the interviewed professors to NEAR.

Previews report: