[ APPROVED ] Fund Request for onboarding newcomers, tips and small maintenance costs


Hello travellers! Welcome to The Clan! Grab a cup and join us at the fireplace. We can help you settle in, so you will be able to sell your work at our store. We are a DAO working to support other artists as yourself, with jobs, information, guidance and even a bed. To help us mantain the fund, we, as other DAOs, split at a 50/50 ratio of the sells at our store, so it helps to raise our fund and grow. Theres a 10% royalties for the fund also ( Dont forget to put your royalties when list your NFTs )

Reach out for @duOCELOT, @whoiscavenaghi or @brunoqual for any assistence.

Our telegram chat is ( please DM for link request )

So our fund request:

*** Fund for onboarding newcomers ( 0.3 N per new wallet ) = 180 USD**

We will give 0.3N to each newcomer to mint at our mintbasr store, helping then trought the process
and create a helping enviroment as we do it, so people would support each other.

*** Fund for airdrops at tipbot = 100 USD**

We started to teach our community to use the telegram tipbot, and we already did some use of it. Our fund is low, so we were tiping 0.01N but our goal is to go from 0.1N to 2N into a system. ( still at development )

0.1N to welcome artists to our store, to share their work at our chat, to participate actively

2N to bigger helpbstuff, as producing material to the community, pro active behaviour, etc.

*** Fund to manage the uploads, storage of our 3 Mintbase stores = 40 USD**

We need to supply the costs of add new minters, storage, and lists of our own material, as we will use the mintbase stores to upload all of the pieces we produce, and sell them at small costs, to help the fundraising.

Sub-total: 320 USD