[Approved]] For the Show with Bailey12

This is the proposal of 20N to fund for the Feb 2022 Podcast

Adding 16N to paid for poster designer (~2N per poster , 8 poster needed for each month so total of 16N)

So a total of 36N of requested funding.
Reason is in this thread



Thank you @David_NEAR for helping with tags. Appreciate it, man!! I am waiting for your feedbacks on the show ser :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Full support, great report. Thanks for the transparency. Will move this to approved shortly if there are no more comments from @marketingdao-council


Woohoo… :fire::fire::fire::fire:
Thank you ser!!!

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I support it :wave:


Have a great day!


Hi @bailey12

It’s great to see your consistency with the podcast as you progress through the months.

Can you share a link to the show itself?

I’ve podcasted for 6+ years, and one thing I have found is that promotion of the show is almost as much work (almost) as actually producing it. I wonder if you might want to include a request for funding to support promotion of the show in the future?

Food for thought!


Hi @so608 ,

Thank you for bringing this up.

Here is the podcast on Spotify and the Live-Show is on the process of minting into AUDIO NFT and start to sales soon on Mintbase this Feb. Feel free to check them out.

Regarding on marketing, yes doing promote for the NEARShow required extremely lots of efforts (from posting on different social channel, stay communicated with those posts to design poster, running paid campaign on Tweeters, etc…).
Since the beginning of this podcast, I had put like some amount of my own pocket money to keep the podcast running so yes I am considering to include a request to support the promotion. Although, since this is still an amateur show so I was think if I asking more funding, this would cause some questionable idea from community members ( like why NF funding this amateur show) so I kind of hesitate on this.

And for the greater good, I am directing this show to be able to self-sustainable model (start by selling all the Audio NFT from both Live-show and Podcast-Show).

Btw, can I have your podcast link maybe and if you are free, maybe we could have a talk and you can share some of your exp? I would really love to hear that.

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Include it in this proposal if you like?

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@bailey12 You have good podcasts, keep up the good work :muscle:


If possible, I think I will only need to add on the amount to paid for the designer of the poster which is around 2N per poster - 8 posters per month (~16N) .

Other than that, I can manage all other promote activities by myself and free of charge.

Go for it, happy to approve. Moving this to Approved. Please amend the amount requested.


Thank you @David_NEAR
Just created a Poll Proposal on AstroDAO.

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Good Morning @marketingdao-council ,
I am still waiting for the result of this Poll proposal on Astro DAO

Thank you

I done , ser :blush:


I love the podcast aesthetic, like the music, the vibe and the content.
In few month’s i will propose a áudio Workshop, and i’d love to invite you!

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U are the first ser!!! :100: as always :fire:

Woohoo. Thank you…
Let me know when it is available

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