[REPORT] Ready Layer One Podcast budget for 1 month of episodes - MAY


We are excited to share our growth from our first grant.

In the following 30 days of being approved, we met our goal of recording and releasing at least 4 episodes (released 5). We have seen our total average audience double unique listeners within the first 7 days of a new release. Our overall listens have 3x since receiving the grant. We have done this without any paid advertisements.

Twitter Stats: (NEAR-related content)
May - Total Impressions
Joe 44K
Jared 30K

The feedback has been very positive which includes the NEAR Foundation reaching out to us to possibly work together on some upcoming content.

Additionally, since this grant, we are now up to recording 25 episodes and releasing 24. We have continued to release at least 1 per week.

In summary, we have had changes & growth since the last grant request:

  • A brand new website to house our content
  • Twitter following & engagement have risen dramatically
  • Audience size has at least doubled
  • Partnerships (in talks with 2 ecosystem organizations)
  • Episodes recorded (10+)

We are happy to jump on a call to discuss further, as well as our continued roadmap.


Thanks for sharing the report :blush:


Hello! Thanks, can you share links of pics please :100:

Hi there! What kind of links are you looking for? Of the episodes?


Yep, links to everything! Your website for example, wish to know more.

Picture with the Twitter Analytis?

Who are the new partnerships? Links?

Our website has links to all past episodes https://readylayeronepodcast.com (also available on all podcast platforms).

We cannot announce our partnerships yet since they are not finalized yet but hopefully in the coming week. We will update as soon as we can announce.

I have attached the last two months from our RLO twitter account to get a sense of growth.

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 9.49.21 PM
Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 9.49.32 PM



Thank you!

Please notice that there is a red flag about the Near Treasury project:


Yes, we saw, thank you for pointing it out on our site. We have added a warning.

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