[Approved] FEMINU DAO Monthly Financing / May 22

@David_NEAR, @mecsbecs and @FritzWorm What do you suggest me here? I am not understanding what is happening. I kept posting and kept receiving likes from @Dacha but he refuses to answer me. I expected a more professional treatment, with answers to my questions, also because the councils represent the Near network. This kind of attitude speaks against the whole community. Everything that was requested has been done. This purposeful delay cannot be allowed in a corporate environment such as this. Should I consider doing my 120 artist exhibition outside of the Near network? I am writing to ask for guidance on how to proceed.
Thank you,

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Hello Ghini, I hope my words can be taken in the better way possible from everyone reading :hatching_chick:

I know @Dacha sometimes is hard to communicate with, probably to different factors related to cultural/language/translation. We together have had our disagreements before, but still, I can assure you he wants the best for the Near Community, he really cares. He gives the best from him like a very energetic guy, so in that sense, I believe he has filled an important role.

With that being said, I apologize to you for feeling a bad treatment, you are right and we need to communicate with each other in a better way and never leave space for those interpretations.

Please rest assured that we all do care and we try to give all projects and DAOs the best attention possible but as we have been doing a great job with it, now the ecosystem is growing so fast that we might be overbooked…

I believe you already had received help from the Near Community, from the Creatives DAO for example, so you have proved that we do try to be helpful with each other and that the overall sentiment is a good one, full of good vibes and growing all together. There is no need to answer back rudely, if you feel that it will be good for your artist community to go elsewhere then we are glad you find new opportunities and you are able to grow, but it doesn’t look good as a threat.

I also can understand why you feel this way, it’s been two weeks now and there is no clear answer. Still, no one is directly entitled to receive funding from the Marketing DAO so when you asked for funding from the Creatives DAO you can’t be 100% sure to receive funding from the Marketing DAO, I mean it is a risk to make the success of a project depend on receiving funds from two different sources.

Also, as you tag me I will share my opinion regarding the proposal:

Twitter + Instagram + Discord Management are activities that some Guilds or Projects had done without asking for funds from the Community, as we can remember that each Guild/Project/DAO activities are also to grow as a community and there are many benefits from being part of a big crypto community or from growing your own project.
What I am trying to say here, is that the exhibition you are organizing is your own, it is your brand, your artist community, your goals, and your gains, so I encourage you to keep going further no matter what. :love_you_gesture: :rocket:

About this post here: Wait for the Marketing Councils to give you a clear answer, take the feedback and keep growing as a Creator.

If you can convince the Councils that what you are doing will have a great impact and is very good for the Near Community, there is no way they are not going to approve the funding.

If not, there are other ways to get funded if your projects bring value to the Near Ecosystem and the Marketing team is not able to see it, you still can convince another team to help you.

I support you project, and wish the best :white_check_mark: :cowboy_hat_face:

I look forward to working with you because part of your activities has been related to onboarding :wink: and now we are building the Near Certified Creatives program, so sent you a DM about that.

Big hug, and


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Hey all,

I would add that this proposal has only been open for two weeks. The MarketingDAO assess proposals and responds to them as soon as possible.

Although they, typically, aim for a 2-week turnaround, it’s often quicker (and sometimes slower!).

This proposal, I suspect, is set to be discussed in their weekly call today. I will raise it with them.


Hello Fritz! First of all I want to thank you for the attention and time you have given to look at this issue in an extremely impartial manner to the point of making me think more calmly about several issues. A calming and sensible look disarms any misunderstanding for sure.
My disappointment is not with Near, on the contrary, I can only thank you for all the support the group has given me, especially you, your advice, information, encouragement and new perspectives to continue growing even in a situation where the ecosystem starts to be overloaded by many demands.
I apologize for my speech that actually had no intention of being rude, but just disappointed with this delay that caused a delay in the whole project and frankly I was having a hard time dealing with it. And for that no one is to blame but myself. And I think you gave the answer when you said:

I will keep this in mind because as it is a big event, the work will be divided over the next two months at least and I was expecting joint approvals, which was a serious planning error of mine that will be reviewed for sure. It is a project that I strongly believe will make a difference in the lives of many people, and I will do my very best to make sure that my expectations are directed towards solutions without getting attached to obstacles. It is always a learning experience. I wil keep going further no matter what, for sure!! :blush: :muscle:

Wise advice, which will make me have a broader vision, to be able to look for the best solutions in each phase of my roadmapping. I will meet with my team as soon as we have an answer, whatever it may be, and establish the next steps in a more realistic way regarding the risks and uncertainties within our planning, so that they are mitigated and do not cause frustrations that will reflect on our relationship within the ecosystem that is just beginning and where I intend to develop many projects that will make a difference.

I apologize to @Dacha for my insistence and hope he understands my point of view as well.

I cannot thank you enough for all the support, advice, information and time you have given to our project. We have already started the list of artists for Onboarding. I only didn’t make the proposal yesterday because I had technical problems setting up an exhibition at cryptovoxels, which I hope to do today.
About the Near Certified Creatives program, this is a great project. I look forward to hearing more about it. I will read the message. Thanks a lot!
Big hug and I want to say that I am happy to be Near and be part of all of this. :sunflower: :blush:


@David_NEAR Thank you very much David for positioning me regarding the Marketing Dao procedures and I will take this into account in the next proposals in order to be able to program the FEMINU International and all the parallel events with expectations that are realistic, including a possible refusal.
I will be waiting for the answer as long as necessary. I also apologize to you for my insistence. It reflects my desire to see my project realized. It will not happen again, and I will continue to do my best, as always to bring ideas and achievements that can contribute to the lives of many people within the community that the Near ecosystem makes possible.
All the best,

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Hey, no need to apologise - totally understand.

We’re here to build together and, importantly, we’re here to learn together. So there may be bumps and delays along the way but it’s all a learning process :tada:


With all due respect, it doesn’t appear to be a Marketing Dao project.

Additionally, the sheer number of proposals you’ve submitted (8 in just over the last 30 days). I’m struggling to find the purpose behind the project which would ultimately lead to traction for Near and new wallets.

The lack of clarity as to the KPIs that would come directly from the execution of this work is troubling as well.

Just trying to clear up the difference between proposals has been a challenge. It’s a no from me.


In its current form, I am unable to support this proposal.

Going forward, I suggest these proposals go through Creatives DAO; both because of them being in a better position to assess the creative value of the work and to be able to keep up with the number of proposals as outline by Dacha’s first post.

Kind reminder that each proposal is assessed on its merits, that there is a processing processing time for each proposal, and that funding is not guaranteed.


@Ghini I’m sorry the evaluation process for this proposal has resulted in you feeling unheard and delayed in your work.

We aim to review proposals, ask questions, get answers, feedback and either approve, reject or close proposals within two weeks to allow all members of the council to have time to adequately review proposals. It takes quite a bit of time for each of us to review each proposal, especially when there are complexities to the project, multiple social media accounts, many participants and aspects to what’s being presented. Along with this, there is also a 7-day window for polls to be approved on Astro and the payout process after that. I encourage all Community members submitting to the MarketingDAO to be aware of the timelines we are working with.

Additionally, just so you understand where I am coming from with my perspective, we are five individuals with full-time jobs/businesses and globally distributed across time zones. We each care immensely about the NEAR ecosystem and community, and while it can sometimes cause delays in decision-making, I think it is necessary sometimes for us to be slower so we can make well-informed decisions. I do not want to rush a decision and approve something that I don’t fully understand.

In your case, I understand that you are a very active, devoted member of the community and a great supporter of the arts and artists involved in the NEAR ecosystem. I applaud that.

What has been problematic for me and has taken additional time in the reviewing of this proposal is the number of funding requests you and other team members are tied to for this and additional projects. I am not suggesting that multiple projects and funding requests are a problem on their own, but that it does take extra time for me to understand all the connections and review them adequately so I am confident I am fulfilling my role here, which in my view is to fairly and responsibly allocate the Community’s funds.

In this case, I can support this for the requested funding to see how the project goes for another month.

For future requests, please understand the situation with our timing and reviewing process and that it is possible to not receive support from council members even if you have received funding in the past as we aim to allocate funds to as diverse a pool of Community members as we can.


@so608 I greatly appreciate your explanations, the time devoted to this proposal, and your support. I fully understand your point of view which was delicately detailed. I’m sorry I didn’t respond sooner.
Best regards,

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@satojandro Thank you !


@Klint Thank you for taking the time!
Only for your information, we already submitted yesterday to Onboarding Dao the proposal for 60 new wallets for this project that will count with 120 artists wich represents at least 120 nfts minted in the Near blockchain. The last FEMINU had 300 people in the opening in cryptovoxels. FEMINU come to be the biggest exhibition in terms of visitation for Brazilian NFTs artists exhibition. It’s a huge project that will have parallel events that already are happening and it needs marketing, but I understand your point of view. Thank you again.


Hi again, I have noted the revised total amount requested and the comments of fellow Marketing DAO council members.

For this month I am willing to support this proposal and move to Approved.

Please make a Poll on Astro


@cryptocredit and @marketingdao-council I really appreciate your approval considering that the group has reviewed the amount of the proposal. They continued doing the work, even in the period when they didn’t know if it would be approved and on behalf of the whole marketing group and FEMINU DAO, I want to say that we will continue to do our best to add together with Near blockchain that encourages us so much. Thank you,




FACEBOOK: Redirecting...

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/feminudao/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/FeminuDAO

DISCORD: Discord


WEBSITE: http://feminudao.com/


Project timeline: Proposal approved on 05/22/2022


New logo created and executed from this month.

Attached and photos



The feminu website http://feminudao.com/ was updated.

Which contains the following pages in landing page format.

  • Home: home page containing a brief history of FEMIU and the DAO logo.

  • FEMINU DAO: contains the introduction, objectives, and the DAO Manifesto.

  • Artists: initially contains the DAO advisor artists.

  • Upper right corner of the navigation.

  • A footer was added with links to the social networks and logos of the partners NEAR and Mintbase and the email contact of FEMIU and the artist who produced the photos for the site.

  • The colors of the header and footer were modified, for the site to be more interactive to the user.


The FEMINU DAO discord currently contains 20 artists.

On Feminu discord the channels were made:











voice chat

text chat

TRANSLATOR: The translator was responsible for reviewing material used in the texts, and helped with the translation during the creatives meeting. You can pass information to the team so we can understand how it will work in the coming months.

SOUNDTRACK: They are being used in the videos below.


The videos were produced and edited, the following videos were shared.


FACEBOOK: 193 likes


TOTALED 61 publications in the month of April, which is more than planned. More than 44 stories.

222 FOLLOWERS, 83 posts, 124 following. Organic reach.

5268 impressions, 224 profile visits, 11 website touches, 2367 accounts reached.


06/05/2022 - 2 post on instagram

2 post on facebook

4 story

05/08/2022 - 1 post on facebook

1 post on instagram

3 stories

05/11/2022 - 4 stories on instagram

05/14/2022 - - 2 post on instagram

2 post on facebook

3 story

05/19/2022 - - 1 post on instagram

1 post on facebook

2 stories

5/23/2022 1 post on instagram

1 post on facebook

2 story

05/24/2022 - - 1 post on instagram

1 post on facebook

5 stories

05/27/2022 - - 1 post on instagram

1 post on facebook

2 stories

05/28/2022 1 post on YOUTUBE

1 post on facebook

2 stories

05/30/2022 - 1 post on instagram

1 post on facebook

2 stories


The address https://twitter.com/FeminuDAO was changed as per request, we left FEMIUExpo to now be called @FeminuDAO | Today we follow 71 and have 108 followers (20 new followers) on Twitter. In the last 28 days the numbers presented are as follows: Tweets 19; Tweet Impressions 2,434K; Profile visits 2,513K; Mention 50.

Extra jobs:

Concept art and presentation of the project and sketches made by the curator @Ghini to present to the owner of the parcel in cryptovoxels where the Aquarium FEMINU is and that made two areas available for her to build.

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