[Approved] Crossword puzzle and engagement efforts promoting NEAR's eco by Shitzu

Greetings from your favorite NEAR & Aurora pup. Please reassess our monthly request by the Shitzu community to enhance and onboard/maintain the current user base.

Recently approved proposal for Jan-Feb: [APPROVED] Crossword puzzle and engagement efforts promoting NEAR's eco

Feb report: [REPORT] Shitzu Community Feb activities

Jan report: [REPORT]Shitzu Community Nov-Dec-Jan report

Total NEAR & Shitzu given for crossword activities & various engage-to-earn activities.
770N & 4.5 million Shitzu for Jan - Feb

Crossword metrics
Over 2000 views per puzzle; over 20 puzzles sponsored in the past 2 months

RT amplifying activity

  • Shitzu amplifies selected NEAR-related tweets daily. This engagement leads to over 50% increase in views

Thread promotion

  • NEAR is rewarded to Shitzu content creators. These threads average 500 views

All projects are detailed in the reports

Total requested amount - 1500 USD
NEAR Wallet ID / DAO - cwpuzzles.near
Wallet owner’s name - Agt


Happy to support.

It would be great to build the dapp on Aurora to increase UAW and transactions. Also we need to list the dapp on Dapp Radar.

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I agree 100%. We have not had luck finding a dev. The wordle app on aurora is solid too. The great thing about the crossword app is how it implements account abstraction. I wonder how that would work on the EVM side. I need to look into the dApp radar inclusion criteria. Thx!


Hi @agt Congrats on the growth. I can support this for another month based on the progress. Agree with @Dacha re: Aurora and Dapp Radar.

Also, it would be good to know what your plans are in terms of continued growth. Do you plan to continue the same strategies or experiment with new ones?


Thanks for your continual support. We shared the puzzle GitHub with the aurora devs. Unfortunately, the EVM environment does not allow for the seamless execution of function keys making the current puzzle dApp inoperable. Hopefully, the brains in Aurora will figure out another option.

The growth question is always on my mind. After all, the defining hallmark of crypto is an ongoing transformation. To avoid apathy from stifling community growth, stimuli in the form of redirection are essential. To date, we do learn-to-earn, engage-to-earn, and create-to-earn. Our consistency and presence gradually make us more visible in the crypto space. The end goal remains the same, bring more users and visibility to NEAR & Aurora. Any suggestions on further leveraging the meme coin narrative to promote NEAR?


Try new Aurora on-chain tip bot @aurora_tip_bot (telegram) to increase UAW and transactions :green_heart:

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We are currently using the NEAR tipbot.


Yes, but it not listed on Dapp Radar and most of transactions go off-chain. Let’s use both tip bots. Thanks.

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@agt also happy to support. Your proposal has been moved to Approved. Please make a Poll on Astro

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Done, the poll was made a while ago. Only 7 hours left for voting. Unsure if seen by the rest of the DAO members. thx

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New poll created, previous one expired @marketingdao-council


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