[Approved] Crossword puzzle project to promote Near's ecosystem in a fun and educational way


The Shitzu community and Crossword.xyz actively engage and reward the community. We have awarded over 400 Near and 900K Shitzu in the past two months. Over 30 puzzles sponsored with an average Near prize of 15 Near. In August, we implemented contests that encouraged participation in other projects. E.g., rewarding participation in Twitter’s spaces about Near and Aurora projects. One of our members is a prolific writer and content creator for the Near ecosystem. Shitzu will sponsor their work since it contains hints for future puzzles. To ensure consistent puzzle production, we will increase payment to the creators.

The original amount approved was $500. At our current rate, this is woefully short of our throughput. We ask for an increase to $1500 monthly. The addition allows for more weekly puzzles (prize 15-20 near), community engagement rewards, Near education content production, and payment for puzzle makers. No funds have or will be used for the remuneration of the Shitzu community members executing these promotions and partnerships.

Shitzu acts as the purveyor and promoter of the Crossword.xyz app that benefits the community. Despite the meme coin origin of Shitzu, our’s community goal is to promote the entire Near ecosystems using the crossword.xyz, a smart-contract app created by @mikedotexe . We will continue to supply monthly reports detailing total expenses and endeavors.

At this time, we are unable to capture real-time usage metrics. Passive metric capturing will be a priority as we advance.

Total requested amount - 1500 USD
NEAR Wallet ID / DAO - cwpuzzles.near
Wallet owner’s name - Agt

Previously approved proposal: [Approved] Weekly crossword puzzles to promote Near's ecosystem and bring new users

Previously submitted reports:


Hope we get this approved this time


Is the Shitzu token related to the Near ecosystem? What is the liquidity of your Shitzu token? How many people have you been able to attract from other communities not related to the Near ecosystem?
Thx :blush:


Shitzu is related to the near ecosystem as it’s under aurora and all projects on the shard (I think aurora is a shard under Near) Aurora is related to Near.

There’s no need to know the Liquidity as the crossword isn’t for investing in the token but for awareness of the Near and Aurora ecosystem.
Also shitzu is a meme Token and you should DYOR before making an decisions fyi

Currently,there are plans to attract people from other ecosystems through collabs with the project and making engaging community activities

You can also see my idea on how shitzu can get people from other ecosystems

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Most likely you have the wrong information. Check out the official information in the Shitzu telegram channel.

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I would say where Shitzu is outstanding is not necessarily at bringing new people to NEAR and Aurora, but rather

  • increase the knowledge about certain projects (especially those that are not as popular as Ref/Burrow/etc). Last crosswords about NEX, Fluxus, and Cosmos IBC are a good example.

  • foster interesting conversations about NEAR and Aurora ecosystems.

The community is very active and the links with other communities is strong (Near @ Night, Near Chill & Shill, Regional Guilds like Malaysia and Nigeria, Trisolaris, Aurora Communit3, …)

Lastly, crossword.xyz is a gem. It is a simple to use app that could very well become very popular and could be a way to onboard new people into Near or into blockchain altogether.


Hi. @agt @gonemultichain
Does anyone say that crosswords are bad? Crosswords are good. The question was about Shitsu tokens and the possibility of your channel attracting new users. Are you the creator of the crosswords? The sum of $ 1,500 is spent entirely on the rewards of creating and solving crosswords? If your answer is negative, write how the amount of $ 1,500 will be distributed. What part goes to developers and those participants who solve crosswords, and what part goes to admins? Do you have a report on payments in previous months? How was the payment made? Can you specify the name of the entire wallet from which the payment is made for the creation and solution of the crossword puzzle? This is decentralization and I want to see the transparency of transfers.
Thx :blush: i am stalking you

There’s no wrong information there I believe
Everything I said aligns with the message

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The problem I have here is that you didn’t read the proposal if not you’ll see everything you asked has been answered.


Hey, thanks for your questions and attention. Most of them can be answered by perusing my proposal and attachments. Puzzle makers come from within and outside of the community. The current maker reward is 2 near. With the new proposal, the reward will go to 4 near, with a bonus of 1 if it lasts 8 - 16 hours. All the details about payment are in the reports attached to the proposal. Please look at them. If questions remain, let me know.


I have read your report and I have questions about the number of people doing crosswords. The number of people who have received awards is not specified. How many Near Vallet users have received payments for solving crosswords? Which wallet is used to make payments for solving and creating crosswords.
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There can only be one winner per puzzle. The wallet embedded in the smart contract is crossword.puzzle.near. Hence, for every puzzle made and solved, there has been a single corresponding winner. All winners have automatically received the near within the puzzle. Review the reports to see all the puzzles created. To find details of the winners, place the wallet address in an explorer.

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Thanks for submitting this proposal again,

Few things:

  • The outcome of the previous proposal throughout debate was to separate the Shitzu token from the value and the real output of the puzzles. I invite community members to go read that thread if it picks their curiosity and to not pollute this proposal too with roundabout attacks on things that are not relevant to the core of the proposal.
  • The proposed amount is VERY reasonable considering the output, probably the best value proposal I have assessed in weeks
  • I would support the teams dedicating their time to the creation and distribution of these puzzles to be remunerated.

I support this proposal


Good morning. 2cents from me:

  • It would be great to know how we can measure success of each campaign;
  • I think we need to pivot crossword puzzles into a separate educational group and invite mods from all Near communities;
  • create an educational road map with the Near Learn club, for example.



100% agree. At this time, tangible success is only for the winner. The design encourages people to search and learn about the themed projects. At times depending on the platform, direct interaction is required (for example, for myriad and near hub online, the hint would be embedded within their metaverses). Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot capture such metric.

I have reached out to multiple communities to engage the puzzle, and finally, traction is gaining. I continue to encourage all communities to do puzzles for the benefit of their project. If you can facilitate contact with the ones who have not responded or I am unaware of, that would help.

I had reached out to near university before, but now they are defunct. I will definitely reach out to Learn club; excellent suggestion. We can do puzzles for each of their educational sections/topics.


Ok, thank you. Happy to approve.


hi @agt thanks for your proposal.

Crosswords are an interesting usecase for NEAR and i am interested to see the outcome of this.

I am happy to Approve. Sorry for the delay…

You can now make a Poll on Astro


Will do, thanks for the support!