[Closed] Increase funding request for the crossword puzzle challenge and community engagement activities

Per our monthly reports, the Shitzu community actively engages and rewards the community. We have awarded over 400 Near and 900K Shitzu in the past two months. Over 30 puzzles have been solved with an average Near prize of 15 Near and 20K shitzu. In August, we implemented contests that encouraged participation in other projects.

Of the 30 projects covered, most focus on infrastructure and ecosystem awareness. To list a few: Sweatcoin, Near’s whiteboard series, ReadyLayerone Aurora’s episode, Flux protocol, Near’s organization, Octopus network, ZK video on Near and Aurora tech stack, and so forth. We aim to reward the community by understanding its immense potential by solving a puzzle that’s a near-smart contract.

The original amount requested was $500. At our current rate, this is woefully short of our throughput. We ask for an increase to $1500 monthly. The addition allows for more weekly puzzles (prizes; 15-20 near + shitzu), community engagement rewards, NFT community support, and payment for puzzle makers. I appreciate your consideration.

Previously approved proposal - [Approved] Weekly crossword puzzles to promote Near's ecosystem and bring new users - #2



Good evening, What is Shitzu token utility?

Currently is used as a reward for all of our funded activities. Over 900K has been awarded to compensate puzzle participants and makers. Eventually, we are considering using it in exchange for puzzle clues - the initial proposal was voted down.

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I don’t like that the Shitzu team is shilling (directly, posts on tg groups and indirectly via puzzle games) the token and using KOL pictures in stickers without permission. I believe our Community members can get a REKT.


That was not from us. That has not been posted in our TG. Our puzzles have never encouraged the purchase of our token. I am unsure of the source. Aurora mentioned the same. In our reports, you can view all our twitter engagements, and none shill the token. In other community engagements since the puzzle challenge began we have refrained from shilling the token. I feel there is some ill-will against our community. Who else in crypto routinely rewards their community? I will mentioned in our TG to avoid shilling the token as well


I see many posts on the tg group when the admin encourages buying the token (10-16 April).

You are one of admin there Telegram: Contact @ShitzuApes

Since the date token holders lost 97%

Yeah, we started the puzzle activity in May. Remember, we began as a speculative community. The minting of shitzu was free for 24 hours. Then the community banded to give it value. The speculation remains there, I cannot change our origin, but we can transcend the limitations of our speculative origins.

not true @agt

Cc: @David_NEAR @admins

Could you please show your Shitzu ETH address?


This is within TG. Not outside promotion. What is your angle? We have not changed anything. Furthermore, this was before May. Nowadays, we joke around paperhands and such quips


Please look into our recent exchanges. No one else in the community is bothered by our past. We are moving forward and promoting the entire ecosystem.

I believe It’s not a joke when community members got a rekt after your recommendation to buy the token…


Already got 3 dms from people who have lost money.

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Interesting, that someone from your Near play community asked us to pay them exorbitant rates to create shitzu memes. We clearly could not afford them and declined, now it seems we are being targeted. You should refrain from judging us. I believe you are not an impartial participant. In my view, you are deadset on our ruin based on this interaction. What change? We even engaged your community, and some of your peeps helped us with puzzles.


Those posts are not recent. As a matter of fact, someone DM asking when it would reach $1. I went into detail that shitzu is a meme coin and at the whim of manipulation. Once again, we are a meme coin. Have them DM me, and I will investigate and see when they bought it. If reasonable, we will refund them

I have sent a message in our TG asking for these members to verify their losses. I find it hard to believe that isolated shills made after May swayed new members to buy the token. Did you verify their losses before forming an opinion

Me too got rekt by buying Near tokens​:slightly_smiling_face:
Where can i apply for refunds ser?
Can i dm you for the same.
Shilling for the same is done by mods admins influencers who are paid here to do so in almost every channel. I need a big refund for the same.
I hope DYOR is never implied anywhere.

Thank you.


Its not at all needed.
Buying is selling is never a financial advice. Its already an implied thing if you are entering into crypto space.
And when it comes to meme coins even the big influencers are making it like shib to 1$. Maybe dacha will be able to help me recover my losses here too.

And on the same line there are stickers saying Near to moon shitzu to moon etc etc.
Hpoing it also acts as a part of refund for everyone. :smiling_imp:


Adding on same.
Nearx exploit made me great losses.
It was promoted in near tg via ama. Even no one wrote NFA in it.
Two audits with a showoff of project having 20+ internal audits.
Bought it after hack and now i am in loss.
Please refund it. It was shilled using near official tg and even near guilds were involved in it.


Ask this promoter for the reimbursement :blush:

Don’t forget to use the phrase in your tweets

I’m not a person who can make refunds. I’m a community member like you and can prevent shilling weird tokens like Shitzu.


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  1. Obviously. Each and every word in the social space can be seen as a promotion or shilling. Nfa dyor is always implied when you enter the crypto space.
    Sometimes i wonder if one had invested even a dollar in shib in jan or feb 2021 and hold till now what would be the response. Aurora token from 30$ to 1.5$. I dont know why even price of token is being discussed on forums.

  2. Aint that my choice on what should i do or how should i use my socials? Or is their a guide on how to use socials the dacha way and thats the only way. Otherwise personal attacks will be done.

  3. Who decides if the token is weird or not?
    Lets say for example luna ust which was their on ref plus aurora dex. Didnt these two promote users to use it? I had made huge losses on the same. The losses are unbearable on the same. But its from near degens who promoted it along with other influencers. But i didnt saw a protest on the same. Result is what everyone knows.
    Coming to weird token. Btc itself is a weird token for many. Apart from trust what value it has? Whole crypto is based on trust itself. Aint the same for currenculy notes issued by banks?
    Coming to crypto ausd the over collaterslised coin of polkadot ecosystem by acala network is depegged. Aint that also a weird token?

But again my same question as to who decides if something is weird or not??

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