[Approve] Crossword puzzle and engagement efforts promoting NEAR's eco by Shitzu

Greetings from your favorite NEAR & Aurora pup. Please reassess our monthly request by the Shitzu community to enhance and onboard/maintain the current user base.

Recently approved proposal for March - [Approved] Crossword puzzle and engagement efforts promoting NEAR's eco by Shitzu

Total NEAR & Shitzu given for crossword activities & various engage-to-earn activities.
861 N & 2 million Shitzu for Mar - Apr

Crossword metrics
Over 1500 views per puzzle; over 30 puzzles sponsored in the past 2 months

RT amplifying activity

  • Shitzu amplifies selected NEAR-related tweets daily. This engagement leads to over 40% increase in views

Thread promotion

  • NEAR is rewarded to Shitzu content creators. These threads average 700 views

All projects are detailed in the reports.

Total requested amount - 1500 USD
NEAR Wallet ID / DAO - cwpuzzles.near
Wallet owner’s name - Agt


Hi @agt --thanks for the proposal and sharing your report on the forum. I am happy to support this. Here are my reasons:

  • You are a consistent, long-term contributor to the ecosystem.
  • You are not only using the funding to promote your own initiative, but you are also building community by involving other projects, quite a long list of them – as outlined in your report.
  • It’s my view that more meme coins and tokenized initiatives within the wider NEAR ecosystem contributes to increased utility. While I am not a supporter of any coin just for the sake of it being transactional, yours has longevity, utility and a community built around that. I think that’s part of what NEAR needs a lot more of to truly grow to be a top 10 layer one in terms of TVL.

In your next report, can you include growth metrics from month to month in terms of community size, reach, engagement – it would be good for us to continue to track month-over-month progress and traction.



Will do. Thanks for the ongoing support!

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Happy to support! Have a great day!


Hi @agt i have reviewed your proposal and noted your long term contribution to the Near Community. Happy to support and moved to Approved.

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Thanks for the support and recognition. Here’s the link for the proposal



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