[APPROVED] Creation of 3D templates for 3XR CreateThing

Hello team,

with the rapid growth of 3XR, now is the time to finally establish our presence in the metaverse by curating the creation of virtual galleries.

Proposal 1: Creation of a 3D template do be used on create.3xr.space, whose royalties will generate income for Incubadora DAO. (200$ to be paid to our architect -in-residence).

The template is almost finished, but needs some work still.

Proposal 2: Invest in NEAR Cribs (100$, at least 1 unit).

Budget: 300$

Thank you!


Hey team!

I think this was quite the success and it’s being implemented on 3xr as we speak. I propose that we create a new one, since it’s an incredible of way of generating royalties on the use of space.

Budget for a new template: 270$
artist: lm00.near

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