[APPROVED] Createbase Guild Budget - July 2021

Contact Name(s): @talktoricardo & @lenara

Guild: Createbase

Target Address: createbase.sputnikdao.near

Current Balance (NEAR): 310.86

Funding Period: July 2021

Requested amount: 2000 NEAR

As one of the oldest and most active guilds, Createbase receives a significant amount of proposals from the community for funding, and also regularly allocates funds for internal projects and for open bounties in order to fulfill the guild goals.

In June our DAO received 96 proposals, and we detailed the guild activities in our report for the month:

We would like to request an initial amount of 2000 NEAR as a base budget for the month of July, in order to pay open bounties and already approved projects that are currently in different stages of development.


Hi @lenara, exciting times indeed for Createbase! Great report and the budget ask is reasonable to my mind.

Since you have such a high volume of projects currently in the works, we will call this budget request [APPROVED] so you proceed to post the 2,000 N payout proposal to the Creatives SputnikDAO.

However, could you provide a bit more detail about future goals (for July to start and beyond) and the chosen affiliated metrics to measure the Guild’s success as you work to achieve each goal? If some time is needed to determine what those are - and since we are mid-month - we can wait until the end of the month to receive this answer, but it would be good to know what Createbase Guild is planning in a more tangible way.


Thanks @mecsbecs

Yes, we are already working on it!

Since we have so many activities going on and planned, we wanted to get the budget request going, but will definitely post a detailed goals and metrics later :pray: thanks again for approving it beforehand, will keep you posted.


Amendment to the Createbase Guild Budget - July 2021

Current Balance (NEAR): 782.16

Funding Period: July 2021

Requested amount (additional): 5060 NEAR

This and past month Createbase has been supporting the Wildeverse NFT Hybrid Festival and demonstrating to thousands of attendants the potential for NFTs and blockchain in their daily lives.

The Mintbase team has been cranking new features into their NEAR NFT tools to showcase what is possible. This is just the tip of the iceberg - many new uses can be made possible in the near future, as we break new ground to onboard people into this tech.

We are documenting and promoting this experience along the way, and are happy to have the support of the NEAR team, not only online and here in the forum but also in person to experience this at the festival. Thanks so much, the fist weekend was memorable! :star_struck:

For the following 3 weekends of the festival, we want to continue and ramp up our efforts, and are therefore requesting additional funds for our onboarding team on site at Drebkau, south of Berlin. This is our cost estimate for them:

Besides the onboarding team, we would also like to fund projects from the community happening at the festival, like this one from Cryptobaebes:

In order to cover the costs for the two proposals above, we are requesting an additional funding of 5060 NEAR to our July budget.



Note: Createbase DAO will send back the additional 5060 NEAR to the Creatives DAO on August 17th from unused drops from Wildevrse: [APPROVED] Festival funds for guests of Wilde Möhre


Hi @mecsbecs as agreed in our last call, early next week we will provide a detailed monthly report for July (including some metrics and lessons learned) as well as an outlook for August. By mid-August we’ll have a draft roadmap for Q3 and Q4, including main OKRs. From end of August onwards we’ll start delivering reports (and hopefully counting on the budget approval for the following month) on the last week of the month. Btw, I’ll be able to join the Creatives Community Forum live on August 07 - looking forward to sharing some news from Createbase and hearing what everyone else is up to :slight_smile:


Update: Funds were instead sent back to creatives.sputnikdao.near from nf-finance.near (NEAR Explorer | Transaction)

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Hello @mecsbecs and @chloe, this thread continues here:

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