Wilde Mohre Festival - Onboarding Team

This proposal expands the proposal below by @caromintbase :

In order to now cover three weekends of the festival:

  • 23-25 July
  • 6-8 August
  • 13-15 August

The budget will be used for the festival helpers, divided in 2 tiers:

  • 1st tier - 3 helpers per weekend, 400 NEAR each
  • 2nd tier - 3 helpers per weekend, 50 NEAR each

Total cost for helpers: 4050 NEAR


  • onboard 100 wallets per weekend
  • redeem NFTs at the festival (for items like beer, t-shirts and other physical goods)
  • mint NFTs at the festival
  • document the activities for social media and blog posts

The helpers responsabilities are as follow:

First Tier responsible person:

  • coordinate streams
  • do social media post and engage with the audience
  • show them how to mint NFTs
  • show guests how to redeem beer NFTs for beer
  • be present at the festival
  • onboard other people to give out NEAR wallets & names

Second Tier responsible person

This person will hand out NEAR wallet names & assist the first tier responsible person

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For extra activities during the last weekend of Wildeverse we request the additional payouts:

  • 50 NEAR to @oculardelusion for workshop teaching
  • 50 NEAR to Entter for workshop teaching
  • 100 NEAR to @lenara for festival related expenses