(Approved) C1 Cipher - November 2021

Good day,
I am proposing to put together the inaugural C1 Hip Hop Cipher. The objective is to bring other creatives (starting with local talent from Ontario, Canada) into the C1 guild and of course into NEAR Protocol. This Cipher would include myself as well as three other emcees (Fraction, Shua James and Darwin Ceres) from the Southern Ontario area. These projects would then be minted as NFT’s and sold in the C1 Auction House. Each artist would be provided with funds to activate a NEAR wallet, as well as receive their respective percentage of the NFT sale.
Depending upon it’s success, it would then become a recurring project within the C1 guild that potentially could grow internationally. The initial C1 Cipher will be recorded this month, followed my mixing and mastering by @JCB. For this project I am requesting $500USD for wallet activation of participants, as well as time and production costs. Thank you for your consideration.

  • J. Yaweh