[Proposal] November Budget for C1 Guild

October was a busy month for the guild, seeing tremendous growth in the Discord, with more community involvement. C1 guild members seem to be excited with the direction of things and are working together to collaborate and build.

Connections have been made with other blockchain enthusiasts and have brought forward event opportunities at different universities, and collaborative projects.

For November we wish to see more positive growth, and to help facilitate that we will continue down a path of education, creation, and engagement.

  1. social media management
    [ PROPOSAL ] (for) C1 Guild November Social Media Management

USD 700

  1. C1 TV C1 TV Workshop November budget

USD 1000

  1. Website and graphics management
    [Proposal] website and graphics

USD 450

  1. College and uni outreach

USD 620

  1. Telegram management and bot development

USD 100

  1. C1 cipher

USD 500

  1. Bounties

We will offer bounties for people who choose to mint art in our store, so we can have a decent catalog moving forward to bigger things.

USD 630

  1. Project management

USD 1000

Total funds requested USD 5000 / 445N

We will continue to grow the community and bring valuable content to the Mintbase store to promote interaction and trade. We will position C1 community members and contributors in the store for any marketing initiatives that we can develop.

Wallet: c1.sputnikdao.near

Council: @Dedeukwu


Thank God for light and grace… seeing things working is a dream come true… we go again this month bigger, wider and better!


Great work and report guys. Good luck :wave:


Thank you very much Dacha!!


Thanks for submitting this. Just a couple of comments. Is telegram not considered social media? From what most guilds have been doing, including NxM since we began receiving funding is to include social media in the DAO Management category, which can be up to 30% of the total budget request.

It might make sense to break down this category in more detail on its own just for the sake of clarity.

Are the bounties to be paid out to minters? Or will their NFTs be purchased by the DAO? Paying people to mint doesn’t sound sustainable to me personally, though I agree with supporting the creation of material or purchasing for the DAO as a way to support. Can I get more clarity on this pls?


Hey @JCB
Thank you for sharing this. I am very happy to see how C1 has been growing over the last months.

As for the budget:

  • social media positions: you might want to consider applying in the marketing vertical for those, given that you have a website and are doing plenty of onboarding too.
  • internal proposals: make sure your proposals for the C1 Guild have already been approved before adding them to the monthly budget for the Creatives DAO. I would also recommend to ask for more details (artists involved, timeline etc.) to keep it transparent and easy to follow up :slight_smile:
  • Bounties: Given that you are asking for quite a big amount, it would be great to see a proposal linked to this (how will the bounties be used/distributed etc.)

Hey @vandal,

Thanks for your comment. Typically we would consider the socials to be IG, FB, and Twitter, and managing the content. The telegram proposal was to build the telegram community and develop the bots to help manage and steer people to the discord for the community calls and events.

As for the community management, that is Dede and I hosting community calls, working with other guilds like NPK, covering blockchain events representing C1, minting, and guiding people to NEAR and C1 invovlement. We have been taking 10% each for this role as we split the 1k request.

As for bounties, we want to promote community involvement and give people a benefit to mint with us, other then the plans we have been developing for marketing strategies. We have also offered bounties for referrals to events and community calls. It worked great last month, so we figured we would carbon copy because it saw a lot of new engagement. We were not going to buy the NFTs outright as we want peoples art to belong to them and benefit from the C1 plan.

Hope this helps clarify.


Hey Tabea thanks.

Should the proposer for social media be the individual or the guild if direct to the marketing DAO?

Also I will speak to the contributors regarding the amount of details in their own proposals to C1.

If we approve proposals and do not receive funding for those proposals I see that could create issues within the community. Do you have any suggestions for navigating that?

I will submit a bounty proposal to highlight where the bounties will go. No problem.

Thanks for the feedback!


Heya :slight_smile:

The C1 guild would send a marketing proposal, just like you did it here

As for this: You have the option to look for other funding verticals or inform your guild members if the funding is not being approved. For the council the [APPROVED] is helpful to see that the funds will be used as mentioned basically :slight_smile:


Okay makes sense!



Just linking the new approved proposal in here, therefore this one is not to be considered anymore