(Ideation) C1 Cipher

I wish to organize a C1 Hip Hop Cipher, consisting of artist not currently part of the guild. Starting with local artist from here in Ontario, Canada, depending upon it’s success, it is something that could become a recurring thing and grow to be international. We can offer contributing artists a wallet with a near token as a sign of appreciation and method of onboarding them into the C1 guild, which also benefits the currency by having more people invested. The cipher would be minted as an NFT and contributing artist would receive their respective cut of profits.



Now that’s my thing :blush:…I like the Cipher idea bro let’s tip you the IDEATION bounty and keep it for later. @JCB you say?


I like the idea. I think it’s a great way to get the collaborators in to the space with a ready product.


That sounds good to me brothers. Should I begin putting it together so that it is ready when the time comes?

Hey @jyaweh84.near

Can you please submit a payout request to the C1 DAO for your ideation. Payout is 5N

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