[APPROVED] ( Amended ) November Budget for C1 Guild

*Amended proposal with social and onboarding going to the respective DAOs

October was a busy month for the guild, seeing tremendous growth in the Discord, with more community involvement. C1 guild members seem to be excited with the direction of things and are working together to collaborate and build.

Connections have been made with other blockchain enthusiasts and have brought forward event opportunities at different universities, and collaborative projects.

For November we wish to see more positive growth, and to help facilitate that we will continue down a path of education, creation, and engagement.

  1. C1 TV [APPROVED] C1 TV Workshop November budget

This has been a great initiative that C1 supports as we bring the community together for free education seminars. Members of the community are featured and either produce live, paint, animate and answer questions regarding technique and processes. Work is being Minted in the C1 Auction House.

USD 1000

  1. Website and graphics management
    [Approved] website and graphics

We are going to be updating website with artists bios and written content on events and the ongoings of the guild. Also within this budget the artwork for C1 events will be completed.

USD 500

  1. Telegram management and bot development

This is the development of our telegram group. Boy Chula runs a few other groups on telegram with up to 50k members. He is experienced in developing bots and tools for the group to pretty much have it self manage. He will work these tools Nd also use his other platforms to advertise for the guild.

USD 100

  1. C1 cipher

J Yaweh will be reaching out to artists off the blockchain and use a collaboration project as a tool to bring oeoplemin to the guild… “If you want to get paid, you got to have a wallet!”

USD 500

  1. Bounties

We will offer bounties for people who choose to mint art in our store, as well as new members attending events and referring other people to the guild. We had great success with this last month and wish to carry forward with this to benefit and encourage community engagement.

USD 630

  1. Project management

USD 1000

Total funds requested USD 3730 / 325NEAR

We will continue to grow the community and bring valuable content to the Mintbase store to promote interaction and trade. We will position C1 community members and contributors in the store for any marketing initiatives that we can develop.


Thank you for the adjustments :slight_smile:
Changed the title to APPROVED, please submit your payout proposal for 325 N to the Creatives DAO on Astro


Thaaaank you!

Exciting to be putting it up via AstroDAO!


Thank you for your proposal to the DAO @JCB.
As mentioned in my previous post the funding amount is 325N instead of 334N. Due to an increase of council members (now 5 instead of 6) we have not been able to downvote the latest proposal and therefore ask the C1 Guild to transfer the 9N back to the creatives.sputnik-dao.near.

I hope the misunderstanding has been clarified.
When submitting the next monthly proposal please add the N value at the time to it and once approved please use this value for the payout request :slight_smile:
Thank you!


Not a problem Tabea,

I will transfer that back!


Thank you, received!

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