[APPROVED] Blaqk Stereo Dao April Budget

Title : Guinness World Record Attempt _ Longest recording marathon with multiple artists April / May 2022 (Part 1 of 2)

Blaqk stereo dao is a 360 production studio focused on organizing events/campaigns to educate, entertain, socialize and, grow a fully functional community of Nearians exponential in Nigeria and across west Africa.

Blaqk stereo Introduction

We want to kick off the month of April with this as we begin our activities in Blaqk Stereo.


The Full Proposal has been broken down into two and this first month, we’ll begin with the registration and some of the processes listed below here’s the full presentation here :


@hawwal @larkim


Requesting : $2000

We’ll be collaborating with the #onboarding-dao to activate Near wallets for the attendees during the audition as we are looking to have an estimate of 500 to 2000 attendees.



Hey @Hawwal thanks for the proposal :grinning:
Here’s a few pointers/questions with feedback on the proposal:

Looks like you have the same [proposal] linked in here several times and that proposal has many tags including both marketing and creatives dao as well as other daos. Can you clarify this?

No need for including the NEAR value in this proposal, for now just USD values and NEAR foundation will do the conversion at the time of acceptance if the proposal gets approved.

$2000 is requested here in the specific proposal but there is no indication or breakdown as to what those funds are going to be used for.

Would it be possible to apply for the Guinness world record attempt first, thus ensuring that the project actually doable before applying for all other funding? Seems like a central part that is very decisive to the execution of this project.

Lastly, no need to tag the moderators by name (some of the ones tagged above are no longer moderators), if you just tag @creativesdao-council , all the mods get a notification!

Thanks :grinning:


Hello @ted.iv thanks so much for your swift response. I made this proposal in February and at the time I didn’t have a dao so due to the budget, I couldn’t get funding for it. The breakdown of the expenses where sated above, I copied them from the main proposal:

$800 - fast tracking Guinness world record application

$650 - fast tracking after the attempt Guinness world record

$500 - Audition venue

$50 - Audition logistics (registration papers, pens, refreshments for coordinators)

The entire project was broken between the Creatives dao and Marketing dao as advised by Fritz. and, I intend stretching the project to a 2 months duration as it will take 9 weeks to complete.

Yes, this attempt is not a new attempt, it is already registered amongst the available attempts as applying for new attempts have a 50/50 chance of acceptance, this on the other hand is a 100% guaranteed.:blush:

I will make the necessary adjustments above.
Thanks :pray:t5: @creativesdao-council

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Hello @creativesdao-council Just want to post this up as a reminder in regard this proposal for Blaqk stereo April budget I did like to know if approved so I could proceed to Astro to initiate the voting process.:smiling_face:


@creativesdao-council Hello Fam. So we are gradually getting close to the end of voting season for the month of April and I know we are all very busy but please we need to proceed with this project if not, blaqk stereo might remain dormant till next month, marketing is ready to role with their share, I need the #creatives:creatives-dao help on this. Thanks for all your understanding :blush: we have a Guinness world record to win for the Near community :trophy:

Hey @Hawwal seems like 500 - 2000 attendees being onboarded in one day would be a lot of logistics for 2 council members, have you considered a plan to manage this?


@ted.iv Absolutely, so currently everyone in our telegram group https://t.me/+683uHbD2IWE5OWFk
has one or two skill or experience when it comes to entertainment business and instead of outsourcing, our group members will be the ones carrying out these duties. We intend working as a team. They are all new to the ecosystem and our only job as council is to educate them until they are well informed enough to explore the many features the near foundation is offering. Also once approved, we are very open to welcome more council members cause the inflow of group members are about to go up the roof so two council members will def. not be enough. But for a start, we are very much capable for the task ahead. @creativesdao-council


Hey @Hawwal Thanks for the feedback above. This proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization


@ted.iv thanks so much, I really appreciate this :pray:t5:

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@Hawwal no problem, thanks for the active feedback!

Can I just request one last thing for documentation’s sake? Could you please adjust the title so that it just refers to the dao monthly budget request and the reference to the specific world record attempt can be made seperately in the body text as a project. This is just so the title is easily understandable in the forum. Thanks!


Sure thing, would do that right away.

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