[APPROVED] Cryptovoxels Wearables Workshop

One-liner/ Summary: Making unique wearables for Cryptovoxels

Project members (names & wallets): Christa Schadt aka Gemini Rising geminirising.near

Total h: 1 hour

Material costs (in N):

Target: Physical Audience in Lisbon

Requested amount: 25 near

Physical events: workshop at Arroz Studios

Timeline: June 28th 2021

Description: I would like to do a hands-on workshop on how to make one of a kind wearbles for Cryptovoxels using Monster Mash and then exporting a obj file to MagicaVoxels, where we will adjust and colour the item and make it ready to be imported into CV. Both of these apps are free - Monster Mash is an online app (https://monstermash.zone/) and MagicaVoxels is downloadable (https://ephtracy.github.io/). I think it would be cool to do a collaborative piece with the participants, where we could mint one piece for each participant that they could have for their CV avatar. For those not familiar with CV, I could also help onboard them into the space.
Here are some examples of things created using this technique:


I would love to make this workshop!


Hey @GeminiRising,

Thanks a lot for this proposal, this looks awesome and we’re looking forward welcoming you in Arroz :slight_smile:
Please send me an e-mail to tabea@arrozestudios.pt so that we can talk about the details of the set up etc.


Sent! Looking forward to this!!


So do we!

Got it & will get back to you! :rocket:


Looking forward meeting you next Wednesday. Please use this forum link to send the payout proposal to our DAO after completion of the workshop.

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REPORT from @GeminiRising :

“Ok, so yesterday, July 28th we had a workshop at the Arroz Studios in wonderful Lisbon! We had a hands on workshop where we started with an online app called Monster Mash: New Sketch-Based Modeling and Animation Tool We decided to make a t-shirt and Erica drew one using an ipad. We exported it as an .obj file and then used a free program called MagicaVoxels (https://ephtracy.github.io/), where we polished off the shape created in monstermash and then decorated with colour. Everyone who wanted to, had a hand in creating the final design on the t-shirt. After we were all happy with what was created, I minted it on opensea.io using the matic side chain, which is found on metamask. We minted 20 copies and I then distributed them to the participants (or, I should say I am distributing them now!)”