[Approved] Community Work <> Arroz Criativo July

Oneliner/ Summary: Community Management of Arroz Criativo DAO in JULY

Total h spent: 33.6

Target: stevenrice.near

Requested amount: 1N (tipbot) + 164.5N (33,6h -70N from the council payout) = 165.5N

Quick summary of the fulfilled community management tasks in July:

  • Prep, Intro & Assistance on 2 workshops
  • Physical community organisation
  • 4 team meetings & prep time
  • onboarding & walletcreation of danieleg.near, arroz.near, tolga.near,
  • Creation of the crowd funder video proposal
  • Ideation & work on the collaborative graffiti proposal
  • Initial talks & meetings with Raiz & 2 more associations
  • Syncs with Near team

From the overall hours the amount for the council payout (70N) has been deducted, as the work within Arroz Criativo involves more than the listed council activities.