[APPROVED] Bi-weekly Workshops in Arroz I AUGUST

In August we will have 2 workshops in the studios:

25.8. NFTs & their use cases- by Cintia cinpin.near
25.8. What is a Hackathon - and how to participate @TRosario @halisonlp

For each workshop the Arroz Criativo DAO will provide 25N, considering preparation time and the documentation. Payout proposals can be sent after the workshop has ben held.

The workshops are integrated in the Hackathon preparation:


Recap of the workshops from today:

@TRosario & Cintia please add any additional infos that you’d like to see in the report in here & send your payout proposal to the Arroz Criativo DAO for 25N :slight_smile:

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Thanks, will do! I only have a photo :frowning: because I was giving the workshop myself! It went better than expected. Hope to come to more, Cintia “NFT’s and their Use Cases” was a great one also.

Payout proposal here

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