[REPORT] BeatDAO - Funding January & February 2024

I. General Info

BeatDAO on Astra++

Link to previous proposal

[Approved] BeatDAO - Funding January & February 2024

Project Report

Project 2 BeatDAO on Finger Drumming Indo

Finger Drumming Indo x BeatDAO gets product sponsorship

  1. Pioneer DJ
  2. AKAI Professional
  3. G-Shock
  4. ALTO Professional
  5. Auvitech
  6. Chandracom
  7. The Little Midi Store

Summary of activities

And this event was held at Botella Bottle Bar

Jl. Pangeran Antasari No.36, RT.1/RW.7, Cipete Sel., Kec. Cilandak, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12410


The weather in Jakarta, Saturday 9 March 2024, was heavy rain, flooding in several city centers, so that the number of visitors attending was slightly less than we expected. But we really appreciate the visitors who attended, some arrived at the Bar wet. park the car a little far away and choose to use a motorbike, to avoid traffic jams.

We managed to onboard visitors with 93 new near wallets, a total of 104 people in the Botella Bottle Bar.

We still don’t use shard.dog, because we’ve had two events, claiming NFT always gives an error, so we go directly to https://meteorwallet.app/

For the last time in Indonesia we used shard.dog which connected to Meteorwallet always had an error, maybe it would be better if in the next event we used Here Wallet or went back to mynearwallet.

For the next Arkana raffle, we will introduce visitors to the application on the Google Play Store.

Near Wallet.pdf (57.0 KB)


Link Documentation


Thank you for your support @Aescobar & terrance from Paras Team

Project 3 BeatDAO Sing-Along Event

The BeatDAO Sing Along Event
It was done on February 14 at the University of Ibadan. @BigM007

Summary of activities
University of Ibadan Zik Hall
Saltuns Media

Number of People present
Over 100

Number of wallets
Number of near social

Number of people onboarded


Project 5 BeatDAO Quiz on Ludero

  1. Ramses 100 - wiildgarlic.near
  2. Doge White 10 - luckyluck.near
  3. The King’s Consult 20
  4. Daavepsy isz 100 - davepsy.near
  5. Havis Della MC 100 - dellamc.near
  6. Female King 100 - djstella.near
  7. DJ Hack 30
  8. Aapka Apna Bhai 100
  9. Hannah 100 - hannah17.near
  10. DJ Kasidy 90
  11. Kumar Crypto Lover 100 - gamelover.near
  12. Hang Jida (ngoc) 100 - redport3596.near
  13. Hote 90 - fewyam7382.near
  14. Aha 100 - usloropiana.near
  15. Lehleh 80 - lehleh.near
  16. Ci 20 - ciyaali.near
  17. Vandal 40 - vandal.near
  18. Adeleke ademakinwa 70
  19. Iag Pink 100 - lucky42.near
  20. Kwame Symbolik 40 - symbolik.near

Thank you for the support @creativesdao-council