[Approved] Bearverse Marketing Funding (August, 2022)

Bearverse (http://bearverse.com/) - mobile game, inspired by Heroes of Might & Magic & Teamfight Tactics.

A multiplayer 3D battler game for mobile devices in the unique setting of the bear world and frost punk. Gameplay with an emphasis on combinatorics - players must assemble a team of 198 unique characters from 6 classes from 11 clans. This is the first in a series of games with a single WEB3 economy and NFT characters in the Bearverse universe

Our mission is to help 93 million web 2.0 players across NA & EU to learn more about web 3.0 concepts through the vast gameplay experience, deep lore & financial education. Based on a deep market analysis.

Bearverse universe will combine multiple games:

  • JetBear (Google Play Market) (LIVE);
  • Bearverse Team Battler (Google Play Market), a closed beta test was launched, and more than 500 people signed up. You can also fill the form to participate in CBT;
  • The Last Winter - Text-based idle-RPG Discord game (link) (LIVE);
  • Bearverse Move-to-Earn AR game (In development);
  • Bearverse Tower defense (In development);
  • Bearverse Farm (In development);
  • Bearverse 4x Strategy (In development).

Our social media:
Twitter 18000 subs
Discord 9000 members

Where we are

We are building a community on Discord and Twitter; over the past two months, we have achieved the following results:


Today we have more than 15 thousand subscribers, and the growth of this metric is associated with the emergence of interest in our project from both players and investors.
At the same time, we keep Twitter’s high ER metrics; for example, here are Twitter’s ER metrics for the one of latest posts (at the time of reporting):


Discord currently has more than 9 thousand subscribers.

As you can see in the graphs above, we maintain communication with our subscribers at a high level, by implementing many programs on our server: social quests, an ambassadorship with other projects, regular events, and various engaging mechanics.

To fully immerse players in the gameplay and attract even more audience, we launched the Discord Game Bot (The Last Winter), which is dedicated to our game and has a wide range of features.

We are counting on it to help us DOUBLE the retention rate, which is currently 17%.

Our goal is by the end of September
Discord 50000 members
Twitter 30000 subscribers
Whitelist 10000 ppl

What will we do to achieve these goals:

  1. Promo with bloggers - 1 400 USDT
    https://twitter.com/DaJenus - 350$
    https://twitter.com/MrThunderCrypto - 300$
    https://www.youtube.com/c/OnChainGaming - 600$
    https://www.youtube.com/c/CryptoGorilla - 300$
    Relevant reviews of the project, in concert with the mention and discussion of the blockchain the game is based on, provide positive publicity, and also attract new subscribers.

  2. Discord bot - our marketing initiative developed exclusively by our team. We launched text-based idle-RPG “The Last Winter.”
    The game has two global goals:

  • Gamification of getting on the whitelist;
  • Increasing the Engagement Rate and Retention Rate of the server;
    Undoubtedly, such a comprehensive and serious approach to the development of the marketing component will be a positive factor both for the project in particular and for the ecosystem as a whole.
  1. Increase Engagement Rate by getting more moderators on the server. At this stage, we have 1 moderator.
    Discord community is 9k+ ppl, 3 moderators are required.
    Moderation fee = $400 x 3 = $1200

  2. Package offer for media PR

  3. We have weekly activities for our community, such as Quiz, Chess Tournament, Ramble Royale, and so on.
    To achieve higher levels of user engagement, we want to consistently give out prizes to the winners, namely Discord Nitro.
    Based on the action plan, we need 20 Discord Nitro per month = $200

  4. On our server, we have implemented a collaboration program (collabs system), which allows us to hold giveaways for getting on the whitelist and increase brand awareness and the NEAR ecosystem. We use the following template:

    Over the past month, we’ve been involved in over a thousand collaborations that have featured both our game and the NEAR ecosystem. This system proved to be extremely effective and attracted a lot of organic traffic. We want to continue using this system, so we need $1,000 for the salary of managers who are engaged in this promotional activity.
    At the moment, we have about 100+ managers; on average, each manager receives ~$10 for 1 month of work, creating ads on 10 servers.

TOTAL ASK 1550+1200+2550+200+1000=6 500 USD
NEAR Wallet: kitkin.near - Eugene Kitkin, CEO
Funding Scheme: One-time

Value of NEAR

As a top project at NEAR, we will draw attention to the blockchain and make it recognizable, and due to the massiveness and the value that we convey to our subscribers, we will bring new users to the ecosystem.

For example: at our own expense, as part of attracting an audience outside the NEAR ecosystem, we received 250+ WhiteList registrations of NEAR wallets.
Questions on our Discord server constantly pop up: what blockchain will the game be on, Solana or ETH? After answering the question, the person registers on the Whitelist.
This leads us to assume that the wallets were newly registered with a high degree of probability.

Based on the unit economics of the marketing department, the cost of one such registration is ~$8.
Thus, we expect to attract about 800 new users to the NEAR ecosystem for the funds specified above.


Hey guys – thanks for the proposal. I hear good things about the Bearverse community – can you let me know what your plan is for the PR? What will you be putting out on the press releases/wire services you listed?


Good evening; thank you for your proposal and develop a great game. Happy to support.


Hi! Thank you for your kind words about our community. We try to bring the most value to players and NEAR users.
Our main goal is to widespread the information about new products and opportunities GameFi segment brings to the players through PR media taking as an example game mechanics we develop in Bearverse.

Based on our analytics, we plan to publish the following articles:

  • How players can earn before Bearverse release;
  • Discord Game as a tool for attraction new members in NEAR ecosystem;
  • How to survive bear market with Bearverse;
  • Why Bearverse will blow up industry;
  • From Web 2.0 to NEAR Ecosystem by the help of Bearverse.
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Bring on Gaming on NEAR

Happy to support this proposal. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any help of have questions regarding go to market strategy, communications, etc.

Looking forward to seeing big things here. You have my support.

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