[PROPOSAL] Developing Fur And Fury game with focus on gameplay and active guilds collaboration

Fur & Fury (https://furandfury.com) - the Bearverse game on the mobile platform with a play-to-earn economy.


  1. 3D breeding (198 unique bear variations);
  2. Collaborations with brands in partnership with JAMI to bring mass-market into the Bearverse;
  3. NFT-Yield (every bear has liquidity in NEAR tokens);
  4. Fiat money Mystery Boxes (Infuses P2E economy with liquidity allowing to burn FNF).

Developed by players, it will disrupt modern mobile gaming market monetization techniques while focusing on gameplay. It will convert mobile games from a “marketing funnel” to an enjoyable adventure, which the mass market will be happy to embark on with friends.

As a game development studio, we aim to let players convert mastery into earning while enjoying the gameplay and provide sophisticated tools for guilds helping them organize scholarships.

We will speed up the development of core game mechanics using NEAR protocol and become a valuable part of the community helping other members with our expertise.

The Game

Fur & Fury - is a complex product on the edge of gaming, blockchain, eCommerce, and DeFi markets.


The Ecosystem

Game - 3D team battler game based on profound lore and narrative;

Marketplace - home of the in-game auction house and economy driver;

Dashboard - web-based solution, built to provide guilds instruments to manage operations;

DAO & DeFi - a group of smart-contracts that will drive the reward system and manage NFT-items logic;

API - is a tool for 3’d party software like GuildX (NEAR ecosystem) to gather, analyze and use data to benefit its users.

The Players

We target four types of users:

“Investors” - Community members who support the game and fuel the in-game economy. They invest in guilds and expect ROI.

“Gamers” - “play to earn” players who expect earnings for winning in-game activities;

“Collectors” - mostly PvE players, who earn or buy rare in-game items;

“Guilds” - organizations that manage players and help investors monetize their assets.

The Goal

Our goals are to provide players with the best gameplay and competitive rewards, a big community for social-oriented collectors, intuitive tools for guilds, and monetize our efforts to provide ROI for investors.

We build a revenue model on the NFT-items trading volume among players. As a game studio, we earn a small fee from every trade made. We share this profit with investors while guilds benefit from players’ efforts.

The Market

From the reports of AppAnnie, NewZoo, Statista, and Facebook Gaming, it is clear that it will grow hard. We conduct market analysis and build faith in the GameFi market as a business. Lost lore makes a massive bet on play to earn a model as an outstanding possibility to attract the mass market and popularize NFT gaming.


Games generate the most transactions amount NFT market segments (according to Statista and PlayToEarn(dot)net statistics). We believe that high-quality games will bring masses to the NEAR ecosystem while boosting numbers of network usage.

Along with that, we will cooperate closely with NEAR gaming guilds and infrastructure solutions, creating high-utility partnerships. This symbiosis might strengthen the NEAR ecosystem while attracting more users, gamers, traders, and investors.

The Market

  1. Axie Infinity lacks the gameplay content. It becomes tiresome after almost a week of playing the game. Too little replayability and streaming attractiveness;
  2. Game developers should collaborate more and actively provide even more value to the players to make the market grow faster;
  3. There are no working= and anti-bot solutions in the blockchain market. If we bring more seasoned professionals into GameFi from the classic gaming market, the segment will grow with the lightspeed.

We bring the best practices from the traditional gaming market to the GameFi segment. Fur & Fury focuses on gameplay and multiplayer. We want to let players earn money while competing in their favorite game.

The Roadmap:

MVP (done) 15/01/2022

Marketplace: Q2 2022

API: Q2 2022

Dashboard: Q2 2022

Play to earn (Multiplayer Beta): Q3 2022

Guild vs. Guild: Q4 2022

Soft launch: Q2 2023

The Technology

  • Unity 3D, C#, Photon (multiplayer);
  • HTML5/CSS/React.js etc., for the front-end. Focus on UX/UI approach;
  • C# for the back-end modules;

Smart Contracts developed on Rust programming languages for NEAR blockchain (WASM) with cross-chain support by future developments by EVM support (such as Aurora EVM).

The Team

Evgeniy Kitkin (CEO) - 2 startups, two exits; Ex CEO at Whalesburg, Ex CSR @ EA Games, facebook(dot)com/ekitkin

Alexander Salomatov (CBDO) - 12 years of experience in Marketing, four years of experience in Crypto Marketing, Ex CCO @ ChoiceQR facebook(dot)com/alexander.salomatov.3

Roman Gagarin (CTO) - 7 years of development experience, Ex CSR Forex worldwide, four years of consulting hight-responsibility projects for Sberbank worldwide. GitHub(dot)com/PunkGagarin

Lev Kitkin (Audio Director) - has 50+ finished projects as sound designer, music composer, and mastering engineer. facebook(dot)com/levkitkinprod/

Ekaterina Starikova (Producer) - Ex-Chief Producer @ JAMI (top 1 SMM Agency in Russia in 2019), led 12 international brands (L’Oreal, Lexus, Galderma…) to marketing success, 2 EFFIE nominations. Facebook(dot)com/profile.php?id=100010348878564

And 30 ppl full-time team of 3D, 2D artists, C# developers, Game Designers, Front-end and back-end developers, Animators, VFX artists, Concept artists, Unity Developers, Motion graphics artists, community and marketing managers.

The Costs

We modeled our tokenomics in a five years horizon with 15% tokens vested for the team over this time.

Total cost: $600K - $650K

The project is currently under development with phased launches.

Total Ask: 10K NEAR