[APPROVED] TNEsociety for Q4

Hello NEAR community!

The months of June, July, and August were engaging for us, and we further intend to proceed in the coming months with greater work via strategic activities.

These activities include

  1. Bringing music projects off-chain, on-chain
  2. Onboarding more music artists into the ecosystem
  3. Hold general ecosystem educational events
  4. Manage and grow our media handles.
  5. we will be adding a WhatsApp group to our list of social media groups/pages. The reason is that most African youths are more conversant and prefer WhatsApp
  6. Starting our Video tutorial series on web3, blockchain, NEAR ecosystem and music projects on NEAR. This will be on our YouTube channel, and all our handles that can hold video files properly.


  1. Working with the projects ops team, present a project for building on NEAR for each month
  2. Onboard more than 50 music artists monthly into Music projects already built. Great progress has been going on with Mintbase, Tamago, and Lozr. this includes having them put their work on the projects
  3. Create three quality articles monthly, three Youtube videos monthly, and engage in at least one educational AMA weekly on our social media handles
  4. Have 10-15% growth on all our social media handles monthly.
  5. Finalizing PLAYGROUND on our website to enable artists to list their materials and also link materials on other music projects on NEAR
    Team members are I, @Jeromemrys, @Alphaflex, @Omotola, @Mimi2, @Fazqueen (winner of our recent music competition) @artwithchinaza (winner of our recent art competitor), and @mikekevin (our developer)



  1. Social media activities (includes management, AMAs, contents, etc)- - - $600 for all our social handles.
  2. Onboarding of music artists (includes education event and creating wallets)— -$1000 this includes offline and online events.
  3. Onboarding of music projects

TOTAL- - - - - - - - – - $1600


  1. Social media activities (same as in September)- - - - - - $600

  2. Onboarding of musicians and Music projects (same as in September)- - - $1000

TOTAL- - - - - - - - - - $1600


  1. Social media activities - - - - - - - - - $600

  2. Music event/competition (For education, onboarding, and growth of music projects)- - - - - - - - - - - - - $2400

TOTAL- - - - - - - - - - $3000

TOTAL FUNDS FOR THREE MOTHS - - - - - - - - - - $6200 in USN

Team wallet:

Funds will be used for the event hall, music instrument renting, branded swags, and publicity materials.

Detailed expenditure will be reported monthly with receipts of offline purchases, and payments as done in last month’s report.

Thanks to @marketingdao-council for all your support.


Each month We coming out with better and strategic approach to Recruiting more musicians and to the ecosystem. Developing NEAR PROTOCOL Music community in our locals has been successful so far with more people being onboarded!! $NEAR to the moon!!!


Good evening, thank You for great job. Happy to support.


Thanks for your support. We hope to do more


Our strategies of onboarding more artist and musicians to the Near Ecosystem has being unique and keeps getting better. Results has being forthcoming so we put all hands on deck and loudly herald NEAR PROTOCOL. Near to the moon​:tada::tada:


It was amazing being part of this. The next coming months are going to be 2x more. I can’t wait to execute more with the team.

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Calling the attention of the @marketingdao-council. @Klint, @satojandro members to have their say on our proposal.

I know it’s busy days as NEARCON draws near for you all.

Thanks and we await your verdict.


Thanks for your proposal,

I support this proposal for two key reasons:

  1. It currently serves as a funnel for users to three other key projects on NEAR. Cross-pollination for growth is a big theme I like. I’d strongly encourage you to work closely both with musicians and with these platforms and treat the musicians as early users and beta testers, provide as much feedback to keep improving on these products so they can scale to more people.
  1. Creating marketing material around these activities in a way that can spread online and attract and inspire others. Core messaging should be - look at what you can do on NEAR, come join us!



Thanks for your support and we plan on doing even much more.

Our relationship with these projects are getting stronger and yielding much results.

Hi @IgbozeIsrael

Thanks for the proposal. Would you mind clarifying some of the deliverables you have mentioned in your proposal for each mention within the corresponding months?

For the months:

  • September
  • October
  • November

Social Media Activities:

  • How many posts?
  • How many AMAs?
  • Why types of posts?
  • Which channels?

Onboarding of music artists
Can you elaborate on the nature of these events?

  • Are they in-person or online?
  • What is the venue?
  • How many people do you expect to attend?

Music event/competition

  • What is the format of the music competition?
  • How do people vote?
  • Is it live or in-person?

You mentioned some other elements of funding including:

  • Event Hall
  • Instrument Renting
  • Branded Swags
  • Publicity Materials

Can you provide some specifics on the above?

I really want to support this one for the reasons @satojandro cited, we just need to hold each proposal to the same standard.


Hello @Klint!

To begin with, for social media,

  1. we have a standard of between one-three posts per day. this depends on any update from the ecosystem or the continent thread in mind
  2. we look at having one quality AMA each for Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram
  3. Ou posts are based on ecosystem updates and education about the ecosystem in the light on NFTs

Yes, these are in-person events for the purpose of quality time and attention to our audience.
Venues are either hotel conference halls or regular event halls for ending.
For the onboarding events, we envisage 50-60 persons per event as we plan more than one-day events.

We adopt the method of Americas Gots Talent where both judges and the audience have voting power
People vote both online on our website and in person. This is to engage the audience
It’s an in-person event but we begin auditions online

The event hall is for where we hold these events and an average event hall with good facilities costs around $250-$300. This is for the standard by which we are doing these events. Focused much more on getting a wider audience and educating them about NEAR.

Renting instruments is about sound equipment. This is about hiring a DJ which costs around $75 per day for local DJs

Branded swags include a t-shirt and p-caps. For a shirt/cap, it costs a total of $10 for one for both buying and branding. This is for the quality targeted as there are higher and lower qualities

Publicity materials include flex banners for advertisements and stage design. a 10/15 banner costs around $100 for design and printing.

Thanks for your interest in our activities.

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Thanks for the proposal – there are many aspects of this project that I like – the collaborative nature with multiple other ecosystem projects, the focused audience/niche and I like the branding on your marketing materials.

A couple of things:

  • How are you evaluating the ways in which this project leads to engaged community members and Mintbase/Tamago/Lozr users over the long-term vs. primarily participants in the events? I think it’s important that we understand how projects intend to integrate people into the NEARverse vs. just having them open wallets and following along on social. How are you and your team thinking about that and do you have any info you can share about how that has worked so far?
  • Do you have any plans to expand beyond the primarily local/physical event focus? Or are you already pulling in artists from outside your region?



We have these artists open stores on Mintbase, and upload their songs on these Tamago. For Loozr, it’s still about launching testnet and we are in good communication with the co-founder to mass onboard these artists.

Yes, we are looking towards this as we collaborate with web3/blockchain hubs in other countries to aid this onboarding.

We will be attending Octopus Africa Event this month, which will help us in meeting great people from other countries. Information is on our website (www.tnesociety.com/)

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Hello @Klint and @so608, have I done justice to your questions to bring more clarity to our proposal?

We await your final decision on this proposal.

Thanks for all your support so far.

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Hi @IgbozeIsrael – I can support this for Q4, but to be transparent, I do think that there needs to be more strategy and planning around how your activities lead to long-term, engaged musicians using these platforms. I understand that that is also the responsibility of the platforms themselves as well. But in order for me to support funding after this proposal, I would be looking for a clear connection between your activities and newly active, engaged members in the ecosystem who are in it for the long-term, not just uploading a song here and there or following in Twitter. Moving this to approved. You can submit to Astro.


Thanks for supporting @so608 @Dacha @Klint The team would work towards improving the connection with newly onboarded Individual also keeping them fo4 long term.

Hello @so608!
Thanks for your support and what you pointed out.
We will ensure this and report by month end.



Here is the link to the AstroDAO poll proposal.
@Dacha @satojandro @Klint

Thanks all for your support.


Hello! @David_NEAR!
Trust NEARCON was great?
We filled the form after AstroDAO proposal was approved but haven’t received any mail to sign the docs. I’m thinking NEARCON is why we have the delays…right?
Your feedback will be appreciated thanks.

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Hello @Dacha

  1. Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO .
  2. Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad .

How long does it take to get feedback to sign contract agreement btw?

I filled the form but haven’t gotten any feedback.

September is fast going already.

@David_NEAR your reply could help too…


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Hey, that’s right - please be patient, the team will process it ASAP