[APPROVED] C1 budget For February

C1 plans to see a lot of growth due to the event on top of the 530 people we have in our discord.We have plans to engage the community more with seminars, Events, and more that encourage creatives to get active and Enjoy the opportunities provided By NEAR. We Plan to make this month a month to remember!

  1. Event - $1000usd / 84.5N

We plan promote near and C1 / NxM. Onboard attendees, and educate attendees on web 3, NEAR Blockchain and the benefits of NFTs for creators and collectors.

  1. Newsletter - $1000usd / 84.5N

Eric is a media/blockchain expert, with more than 25 years of experience in journalism. A former publisher who has managed and contributer to various publications. His in for a Newsletter to connect more artists and enthusiasts in the industry.

  1. Bone police seminar - $100usd / 8.5N

We would like to have @bonepolice conduct a seminar on MagicaVoxels in the C1 Discord.

This seminar will encourage community engagement while giving them a new fun creative skill!

  1. Administration -$100usd / 8.5N

I will be writing reports and proposals on behalf of the guild under the guidance of JCB.

  1. Community management - $1110usd / 88N
    This will be for minting, running community calls, any AMA’s, planning future movements, networking and building relationships in the ecosystem.

  2. C1 Cryptovoxel Event and Auction - $1500usd / 119N
    We are planning to kick off C1’s Cryptovoxel auction to promote the artists who have contributed art work to the guilds mintbase store.

Total ask for the month of February is $4810

Payout wallet c1.sputnikdao.near




Thanks for the proposal!

From looking over your budget we feel that the “community management” and “administration” sections are too similar to council work which we ask only be 30% of the overall budget.

If you can make some alternations with that, maybe add more described tasks to clarify, then everything else is looking good!


Hi thanks for the feedback.

For the community management it is much more then just proposing budgets and reporting, it is about networking and building relationships that will help expand the guild. Dede and myself are active on AMAs through different blockchain clubs in Lagos, we recently did one with OWS, Rise and Grind, we facilitate weekly meetings and help organize events with no pay. We are dealing with video game developers, and creating a CV Parcel that is no small task to showcase C1 guilds artists. We mint on the communities behalf and support with wallet creations, mass airdrops, organizing artists for those airdrops etc.

The reason why we out in the admin fee for 100USD is to lighten a workload that is becoming a bit heavy.

I will adjust the community management fee but would ask that the admin request stay present.

Thanks for your consideration.



Hey team!

usually, I think it’s wise to have ‘council work’ be the simplest possible, like voting, engaging with forum proposals, helping the community, on-boarding, etc.

For example, the AMA’s could be an individual activity, which would lower the amount you are requesting directed at council :slight_smile: (it would need it’s own forum post and link in this proposal)

We understand the some DAOs have more work onboarding than others; every DAO has it’s own specifics, but we have the 30% rule and it has to be upheld.

In this case, it seems very easy to solve. If you need any more help, please just say so. We will wait on some edits and then we’ll happily approve.

thank you all :pray:

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I think that it’s difficult to seperate and categorize these things since it’s a vision we are working towards, and things come up and we jump on it. C1 has a goal, and that isn’t just based on community building, although that is a part of it and will be a natural process when things get up and running the way we see fit.

I did edit the amount to 1k from 1.5 to be split by dede and myself. If the work we put in is not worth 500 dollars then I’m not seeing it. It has never been an issue. Last month it wasn’t an issue to have the administrative amount in there as well.


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Thanks for reaching out
@adrianseneca @frnvpr

If we were to take 30% of the budget just for approving proposals and interacting on the forums, we would be not fully contributing our value to the guild.


completely understand your point.

Maybe it’s a slight misunderstanding that will be, I’m sure, easy to fix.

It’s not about ‘reducing’ any amount. Simply to distinguish between what are the council tasks and what are other tasks.

The ‘maximum’ amount for council work is 30%. Not saying you should request it for doing ‘less’.

The point of the 30% rule is to make sure communities are indeed supported by the DAO. It’s a general rule, so in some cases it will make more sense, and in others, a little less.

However, if there is no distinction between what is and what’s not council work, it’s harder for community moderators to evaluate proposals, don’t you agree?

That is why my suggestion is not to reduce any amout, but to better distinguish betweent particular activities, so that anyone looking at the proposal has a better understanding of what is being requested.

Personally, you can add the money you subtracted! It’s really not about giving less to C1, but more, better organized.

I would, for example, create specific proposals for

  • running Mintbase stores and/or other platforms.
  • organizing and running AMA’s

Imo, these can be done by any member of the community, not necessarily council members. Therefore, the $ can be requested in its own activity proposal.

– (not saying council members can’t do it; the point is that it’s not necessarily council work)

Organizing the monthly proposal is also a way to learn and increase the amount requested, increasing community activities, community engagement, etc.

Personally, I would like for every DAO to grow and go up in the Tiers list (from tier 3 (5000$) to tier 2 (8000$) and tier 1 (10000$+) and to the moon). This is why we, moderators, have to engage with councils in order to get everyone ready for next steps.

C1 has been doing great work, so I’m expecting it will continue. Just bear with us when we try to get everyone to follow guidelines. The ecosystem is expading rapidly and if we don’t get this things right from the start, it will be harder later down the road. :pray: :pray:


Appreciate the feedback and explaination. I understand. I have added a proposal for the cryptovoxel stuff that invovles bounties for the community and an airdrop. We are updating the budget now.

Thank you.


Hello @JCB and @Dedeukwu!

Thank you for altering the budget to fit into the guidelines! We appreciate you working with us to maintain the standard and are happy to see all that you will be able to make happen with this funding.

This proposal now follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators! Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO astrodao [link: Astro] so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guidelines: [New Process] Community Payouts


Thank you @adrianseneca


Hello everyone, here is a link to the approved poll