[APPROVED] AI vs Human - Generative Chess Music/Art Project

The “AI vs Human” Symphony

This is a collaborative project to produce a generative music soundtrack from the 1996 & 1997 series of six game chess matches between the IBM supercomputer Deep Blue and reigning world champion Garry Kasparov.

Stage 1: 10 NEAR
Outline the methodology for generating rhythm and pitch from a series of chess moves.
This will take the form of a document detailing how the elements of the soundtrack will be auto-generated from the gameplay using a set of pre-determined rules.

Stage 2: 20 NEAR
Produce a prototype soundtrack generated using the recorded moves from Game 6 of the 1997 rematch between Deep Blue and Kasparov. Game 6 is the shortest game - 20 moves - and was the ultimately deciding game following Kasparov’s resignation.
At this stage the soundtrack would be a simple piano version from Sibelius.

Stage 3. 30 NEAR
Produce an MP4 of the Game 6 music and gameplay, synching the music and game moves together.
At this stage, the visual aspect of the video will be rendered using simple chess gameplay software. The music will be an enhanced synthesizer version of the soundtrack produced in a DAW. (Ableton).

Stage 4. - 40 NEAR
Production of the final version of the Game 6 video for minting as an NFT on Mintbase featuring both music and visual representations.
The visual aspect will be an enhanced artistic recreation of the gameplay, with the finished soundtrack acting as graphic score in reverse.
The soundtrack itself will be minted as an audio NFT on Mintbase.
Stills from the video will be minted as separate NFTs. on Mintbase.


If the project is successful, the plan would be to recreate all 12 games from the Deep Blue vs Kasparov matches using the same methodology, and to release them all as NFT’s on Mintbase.


This project has been approved. Please add to this thread as needed with project progress and use this thread link in each payout proposal you make to the Createbase SputnikDAO.

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I have moved this proposal from the Createbase - NEAR Forum Category to the NxM category

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Wow. Cutting edge concept! Can’t wait.


Hi Thanks for that. The methodology has been worked out, and it’ll be interesting to see what it produces on its own!