SHARE : on-chain generative art

thanks for creating this space to share projects.

I started an on-chain generative art project while going through the NCD program (thanks @amgando and @sasha for the great content).

Recently I finished building a front-end for it that is currently on testnet.

The next step, to bring Mojio to mainnet, involve making sure the contract is in line with new NFT standards, which I’m currently covering.

On top of that, I started exploring different distribution models and mechanism designs to make sure the project is creative and interesting beyond the art in itself.

I’ll update as I make progress on that part, but I also wanted to write this down early in case anyone might be interested in contributing ideas and inspirations here.

Feel free to play around with the current testnet version here and report any feedback or suggestion.

p.s. I’m also looking forward to setting up soon a Bounty DAO for meaningful contributions and support.


Awesome job, @yassine!
Going to invite NEAR Learners to paly with it!


Ooooh nice! Could this potentially be integrated for musicians wanting to generate art for their music? :thinking:


could definitely explore something with Tone.js or similar.