[APPROVED] AI vs Human - Generative Chess Music/Art Project

Hi @zeitwarp

We love this project very much :heart_eyes:

I do wonder though why it was submitted to the Createbase DAO and not directly to the NxM DAO, it looks like it was correctly moved on April 29 to the NxM category (thanks @chloe !)

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Hi @lenara
It was submitted pre-Hackathon as a createbase standalone and then moved to NxM later

Gotcha… you used already the hackathon format in your submission, so probably why Chloe moved it there.

I think could have gone either way, ideally NxM would pick it up so it would count towards their hackathon achievements, but we were also happy to fund via “normal” Createbase path. :+1:

yep…agreed it with @chloe on telegram prior to the hackathon…and just mirrored the structure

NxM shift cmae shortly after I wrote the proposal I think…

@lenara …also…do i need to resubmit the proposal as it has now expired?

I read somewhere that with a split 50/50 vote…it can still be finalised/approved?

We are in the process of getting the new councilperson in. As soon as that’s done we will resubmit the proposals that were not able to get enough votes.

No need to do it yourself, we will take care of it, and thanks for the patience.

If you finalize a payout proposal that got only 50% of votes you get your bond back. But such result can’t payout, 50%+1 is needed for a successful payout in V1 of Sputnik DAO.


ok thnx…that’s great… :+1: :+1:

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