Generative music NFTs

There was a service I used to use before they shut down to work on new things. It was called Jukedeck. You could hop on, choose a few parameters (music style, some instruments, tempo, length, etc) & have their AI generate the music track for you. They had a free license you could use or a paid one to fully own it. If we’re going to make this happen as NFTs where you mint it right away similar to, then the license should be basically full rights for the owner. Or, there could be some different types of tokens, price adjusting accordingly, with different licenses. Ex) only 3 parameters for license with attribution required. 5 parameters with full rights minus remixing. All parameters for full rights.
Parameters could theoretically be infinite. Think Garage Band, full music creation control, but minted as a generative NFT!


Magenta from Google seems like a great tool to play with music, machine learning, and NFTs, although I still didn’t have the time to experiment.

They also have Magenta Studio, which is supposed to introduce ML support directly in your Ableton DAW. Coming to Ableton, they have this open platform to build on based on MAX and who knows, maybe someone in the future will make a plugin that is related to NFTs.

Thanks, We missed the time to upvote this on the DAO, so it would be great if you could send it again.


Oh, that’s pretty cool, I never knew about Magenta before!
That would be really neat to have that integrated with NFTs!

I love this idea! I am a big fan of musical creative coding in supercollider and related languages like Sonic Pi, Overtone. Would be awesome to make some routines in one of these languages that has some variables which adjust the output in interesting ways…


This proposal failed to be accepted on time in the generative-art DAO, so I moved it to the new curaDAO:

Thanks for the idea, and looking forward to having the tools to create something similar.

Have a good day!


Thanks! Yeah, it would be really cool!
Sorry for responding so late.

Thanks Yassine! Much appreciated!