[Approved] $1300 for BTC Pizza Day - Near Antigua

NEAR Antigua Proposal for BTC Pizza Day (May 22nd 2024)

This proposal is a direct funding proposal to the House of Merit to the Market DAO to support Near Antigua as it hosts it’s BTC Pizza Day event. The pizza is already funded for May 22nd, this proposal is for additional near based interactions/activations + marketing materials.

Near Antigua expects to receive additional funding from other parties to cover refreshments and beverages.

Section 1: DAO/Project Information

  • Organization Name: NEAR Antigua
  • Proposal Title: Near Antigua - BTC Pizza Day 2024
  • Establishment Date: April 2024
  • DAO’s Category: Regional Development
  • Project’s Category: Community Led

Section 2: Previous Funding

Section 3: DAO URLs

Section 4: Applicant Information

Section 5: Team Members

  1. Chloethedev | δοῦλος (@chloe.near):

    • Role: Project Lead
    • Responsibilities: Guide strategic direction and ensure alignment with mission to drive social impact through blockchain.
  2. Shemar Abel - Darkixxg (@shemar268abel.near):

    • Role: Partnership Lead
    • Responsibilities: Link between frontend and backend development, focusing on student partnerships.
  3. Sherwal Hannays - Shan (@ihyshan.near):

    • Role: Content Lead
    • Responsibilities: Focus on educational content creation and outreach.
  4. Dionté Reifer (@venomity.near):

    • Role: Backend Developer and Admin
    • Responsibilities: Maintain the technical backbone of projects.
  5. Hannah Hatten (@hannah17.near):

    • Role: Social Media and Partnerships Manager
    • Responsibilities: Manage social media and collaborations to expand reach.
  6. Jergan Hector (@jay100.near):

    • Role: Dev Lead, UI/UX
    • Responsibilities: Enhance user experience across blockchain applications.
  • Funding Allocation: 30% of this month’s funds will be shared among team members, emphasizing fair contribution.

Section 6: Experience

  • Qualifications and Experience: Our team includes developers, educators, and social media experts with extensive experience in blockchain technology, project management, and community engagement.
  • Professional Experience Summary: We have developed blockchain applications, led community outreach programs, and contributed to open-source projects within the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Web3 Projects: Puppy Passports, educational initiatives on blockchain literacy.
  • Relevant Work Links: Puppy Passports

Section 7: DAO/Project Charter/White or Litepaper and Goals

  • Mission: Empower Antigua and Barbuda through blockchain innovation and education.
  • Vision: Create a self-sustaining blockchain ecosystem within the community.
  • Core Programs: Educational initiatives, community engagement events, and technical development projects.
  • Alignment with NDC: Our mission and activities align with NDC’s vision for regional development and community-led innovation.
  • Team: A diverse group of blockchain enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Requested Budget: $1300
  • Problem Aimed to Solve: Lack of blockchain literacy and engagement within the community.
  • Alignment with NDC Priorities: Our focus on education, community engagement, and technical development directly contributes to NDC’s goals of fostering blockchain knowledge and application.

Roadmaps and Strategies


  • Community Engagement Metrics: Aim to increase Telegram group activity to at least 25 active members and achieve 5k impressions on X, which requires an increase of 1,153%.
  • Educational Outreach: Commit to publishing 2 educational articles and producing 2 videos each month documenting community, team, and student meetup events.
  • Wallet Creation and Transaction Targets: Establish 25-50 new NEAR wallets monthly, engaging 10-20 students and 10-20+ community members, with an average of 3-5 transactions per new wallet to showcase real-world utility.

Section 8: Budget

  • Team Support: $390 (30% of total requested funds), equally distributed among active team members.

  • Community Initiatives: $910

    • BTC Pizza Day Event: $500
    • Content Creation: $150 (allocated evenly between Blogs/Articles and Videos)
    • Marketing: $110
    • Event Refreshments: $150
  • Commitment Length: Ongoing, with key milestones reviewed quarterly.

  • Full Remuneration from Budget: No. The budget includes allocations for team support, community marketing, and education, supplemented by additional funding from Pizza DAO for the Bitcoin Pizza Day event.

Section 9: Project/DAO Longevity

  • Funding Requirement: Continuous funding needed, with periodic reviews planned. Goal to achieve self-sufficiency by early 2025.
  • Sustainability Plan: Generate revenue through project developments, partnerships, and community contributions. Anticipate earning fees from businesses using our digital assets license, particularly in point-of-sale transactions for small businesses.
  • Possible Roadblocks: Technological adoption barriers, funding sustainability, and varying levels of community engagement.
  • For More Information: Please visit our detailed planning document.