Web3Panjab's Proposal for BTC Pizza Day (May 22nd 2024)

Web3Punjab’s Proposal for BTC Pizza Day (May 22nd 2024)

This proposal is a direct funding proposal to the MarketingDAO to support Web3Panjab as it hosts it’s BTC Pizza Day event. The pizza is already funded for May 22nd, this proposal is for drinks, additional near based interactions/activations + marketing materials.

Web3Panjab expects to receive additional funding from other parties to cover additional miscellaneous expense.

Section 1: DAO/Project Information:

  • Organization Name: Web3 Panjab community

  • Proposal Title: BTC Pizza Day 2024 - New Delhi & Chandigarh

  • Establishment Date: 22 May , 2024

  • DAO’s Category: Regional Development

  • Project’s Category: Community Led

Section 2: Previous Funding:

  • Previous Funding: None

Section 3: Community URLs:

Social Media Distribution Channels:

Section 4: Applicant Information:

Section 5: Team Members:

Nikhil Mahana | @nikhilmahana:

Role: Host, BTC Pizza Day 2024 Chandigarh and New Delhi

Responsibilities: Guide strategic direction and ensure alignment with mission to drive social impact through blockchain.

Section 6: Experience:

  • Qualifications and Experience: Our team includes developers, educators, and social media experts with extensive experience in blockchain technology, project management, and community engagement.

  • Professional Experience Summary: We have hosted blockchain based hands on workshops , hackathons , led community outreach programs, and contributed to open-source projects.

  • Some of our previous partners include Solana, Tezos, ICP , Exa Protocol , Shardeum.

Section 7: DAO/Project Charter/White or Litepaper and Goals:

  • Mission: Empower New Delhi and Chandigarh through blockchain innovation and education.

  • Vision: Create a self-sustaining blockchain ecosystem within the community.

  • Core Programs: Educational initiatives, community engagement events, and technical development projects.

  • Alignment with NDC: Our mission and activities align with NDC’s vision for regional development and community-led innovation.

  • Team: A diverse group of blockchain enthusiasts and professionals.

  • Requested Budget: $925

  • Problem Aimed to Solve: Re-establish the Near community in India

  • Alignment with NDC Priorities: We are early adopters of Near Blockchain from 2021, and with the activeness of NEAR in India again, we want to host this event as a kickstart to the community initiatives of Near, back in India

Section 8: Budget:

  • BTC Pizza Day Event Chandigarh: $200

  • Marketing: $150 (allocated evenly between Flex material , Props Creation, Photo Booths)

  • Event Refreshments: $150

  • Social Media marketing - $25

  • BTC Pizza Day Event New Delhi : $100

  • Marketing: $150 (allocated evenly between Flex material , Props Creation, Photo Booths, Games )

  • Event Refreshments: $150 ( Drinks partner)

Full Remuneration from Budget: No. The budget includes allocations for team support, community marketing, and awareness about Near, supplemented by additional funding from Pizza DAO for the Bitcoin Pizza Day 1 event.


Hi @nikhilmahana thank you for your proposal. I feel that supporting an event that will be strongly focused on Bitcoin does not align with our goals. Unable to support in current form

Hi @nikhilmahana thanks for the proposal. Echoing what @cryptocredit has said, I’ll add that we are not supporting IRL events this month as the NDC sunset transition takes place. We hope to be able to share new avenues for event support soon.