[CLOSED] reggaedao marketing and onboarding with education june 2024



REGGAEDAO Proposal For The Month Of JUNE 2024
Total funds - $3000


The REGGAEDAO would be focusing on Outreach to Web3 & Web2 Communities to Onboard Active Users to Near and create awareness about the NDC . NF . Collabs with Near Ecosystem projects, Educational Partnerships, Onchain Activities , Utilizing Near Infrastructures.
Milestones & Time line

Week 1

OG rally (Publication)
Sticker Competition
Weekly Community Call (Election Publication & Engagers Education)
Final Submission for NDC Freestyle Competition to be extended to 10th.
Submitting our Monthly proposals
Opening a store for REGGAEDAO on Mintbase.


Host an Educative call for BOS
Onchain Activity (Quiz & NEAR Prize prediction)
OG rally (Calls on Twitter & Telegram)
Onchain Activity ( Football prediction onchain)
Web2 Onboarding & Marketing
Final results for content freestyle
Weekly Community Call
Onboard Devs from Universities and Educate them on BOS


Onchain Voting for the Sticker Competition.
Create an initiative to get token support from the community
Getting votes from Community members and Campaign.
onchain Prediction of NEAR price & Soccer Score (to be shilled to Web2).
Onchain polls
Weekly Community Call
Education about NEAR DApps

Wk 4

Review of Engagers and Trial phase
Accept New trail phase participants
Weekly Community Call
NEAR predictions on chain
Collab with the RWG to help onboard researchers and also study NEAR dapps
Report and Accountability
Reward distribution.
Mechanics to track onboarded users, IAH verified users, Onchain activities.

Onboarded User

Metrics to track onboarded Web3 users are as follow, we have a trackable link for distribution of contents to WhatsApp to track how many users joined through WhatsApp.
To track Football lovers we would provide a separate link which we would use for this activity to get people who joined from Web2&3 through this means, the BOS platform would be used for predictions of live score
Trackable links are available to proof support to NDC twitter page and also Verified Humans, since proof of humanity is a criteria to become an Engager.

Onchain Activities

This would be tracked manually and all data and information would be provided, but our onchain involvement includes
posting on BOS
Use token voting to Educate
Voting on polls on Astrodao
Mintbase interaction
Prediction & quiz engagement.


Collab with Facebook football brand influencer “ to promote onchain activities and wallet creation

Brand Facebook Analytics

Collabs with Research WG to learn about BOS and also About NEAR DApps.
Collab with University students for onboard and wallet creation
Smart Objectives & KPIs
The smart objectives and KPIs would be presented monthly by the REGGAEDAO.

The REGGAEDAO’s Objective this month is to the growth and enrichment of the NEAR and NDC ecosystem. Our objective further split into specific, measurable, achievable goals
We are aimed at
Voters Education and OG rally
Recruiting 33 Verified Human for trial phase and welcoming 20 Humans who qualified to become a verified engagers with badges of recognition and all verified engagers are members on our DAO.
100+ Post on Twitter and Near Social strictly related to the NDC . NF and NEAR Campaign.

Facebook (Occasionally ~15 post)
Onboard 10+ Football lovers to participate onchain.
If each Engager participates on a WhatsApp post that would be distributed by the core team we should expect 3000 views reached from 30 engagers if an average view is 100 views and on WhatsApp an estimate of 10% to join through our invite link which is trackable and to meet the target of onboarding 10%-30% of the 300 to visit our link which we would later track to gauge progress, we can then onboard (30-60) individuals.
33 new recruits would be equivalent to 33 expected follows on NDC and REGGAEDAO twitter

33 New IAH users as Aspiring Engagers.
+33 Follows on NEARSocial
4 Twitter space and 4 Community call or Workshop on Telegram which would hold once in every week
2-4 Collabs or partnership with NEAR related project on onboarding Active users
Price prediction & goal prediction onchain and 1 competition to promote NDC and its Awareness.
10-15 Contents Pushed to WhatsApp status.
Amplifier of NDC contents and build Engagement around it.
33trail phase participants to produce contents related to NDC (33 by 10 post on BOS and 10+ on twitter = 3300Contents
21 Verified Engagers 30 post twitter + 30 BOS = 1260+ Contents


Increase in onchain activities and participation on BOS (+6k tx)
Traction on NDC & REGGAEDAO community +37%
Onboard Active Users to NEAR Ecosystem
Massive Community Engagement on the BOS
Mass Onboarding from Web2.0 to NEAR and Onboarding them with Wallet and IAH SBT’s
Bounty Engagement related to NDC
NDC Product & Election Awareness
Collaborations & Education (BOS, NDC Tools and infrastructure)
Interaction with DApps(staking party & token vote).
Interaction with DApps (ii) post on BOS
Wallet Creation for +70 active users
Live BOS Component & Dev


Community Budget
This is the budget which we believe would cover engagement and activities in the community.
Weekly Football predictions : to attract football lovers from Web2&3 to NEAR Ecosystem to participate in onchain activities and become active users
4weeks by 20$ = 80$
150$ for Facebook football influencer
Social media promo (FB) 20$
Organizing Quiz, Riddle,game, Brainteaser etc about NDC & Governance body would be 15$ shared to 2 participants that’s 10$ & 5$
15$ by 4= 60$
Social Media Management
Facebook| Twitter | NEARSocial and Telegram
Engagers Budget
Engagers are eligible REGGAEDAO who can promote NDC on our DAO and serve as the engine for Mass adoption and awareness.
Expected engagers for this Month would all start from a Novice level
Rough estimate of Verified Engagers and the max reward to engagers is a 50$
21 Engagers by 50$ = $1050 (not from this month budget)
Staking Party Proposal- would create a proposal for a staking party for the community to educate them on how to stake and use Meta Vote to vote for proposals $5 worth of Meta would be distributed to 10 participants to vote 50$, written proposal and directory Doc 100$ people who voted would participate for the staking party and token distribution more info would be given on a doc for the staking party. =150$
Graphic design for our DAO = 150$
Computer Student Out Reach
Location:-Guru U.B. university of science and technology BUEA (CAMEROON) at SW REGION.

Agendas :-

Enlightening Computer students about web 3.0 and Awareness about NEAR Protocol & NDC
Onboarding on NEAR Protocol with IAH verification
Building live BOS Component using react js.
Expecting a guest speaker to talk about BOS
Expecting around 50+ students
70$ for live quiz and wallet creating on Neardrop/SHARDOGS
50$ for onboarding Event planner remuneration.
Organizer 30$
Note: When IAH available(after 25TH JUNE)we would also onboard them as verified human
Aspiring Engagers(Trial Mode)
These are new participants applying to participate in the trial mode to become an Engager.
33 Applicants which after the Trial mode would be gifted with 30$ to support their hard work, this gift would be given to people who are qualified for the gift according to the “Trial Phase Doc”
33 Applicant (Aspiring Engagers) by 30$ =990$
Total Community Budget = 300$ + 560$+150$+0$ + 990$ = 2000$
Councils Budgets
Brief of General Council Activities
Evaluate and Audit Engagers Report
Create Form, Spreadsheet and use of tools for data and recording
Community engagement and Social Media Management.
Collaboration and partnership for Community Growth.
Monitoring and Guiding Community
BOS Education & NDC UPDATES/ Information (Posts, Articles, Calls etc)
Oversee the process and ensure all protocols are implemented.
(@Jahzonemusician 350$, @hayyhux19 350$, @LordKenny79
300$, = $1000
Total budget for JUNE = $1000+ 2000$ = $3000



Hi @Jahzonemusician thanks for the proposal. This is outside the scope of the proposals I am in support of for the month of June. The Marketing DAO is focused on founders who are building in the ecosystem, a small number of content creators and a few service providers (such as the Myosin PR team) that serve the full ecosystem with agency-level support. We haven’t had a lot of significant, long-term traction from off-chain creative initiatives, and the on-chain parts of this proposal aren’t clear to me given the information that is included here (“on chain” meaning what?).

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ON CHAIN MEANS , On-chain transactions are transactions that occur on a blockchain, which are reflected on the distribution as well as the public ledger . The on-chain transactions are those that have already been validated as well as authenticated by the miners or authenticators

Hi @Jahzonemusician i have reviewed your proposal and would echo the comments by @so608. Unable to support in current form

Is there no chance to support us for our marketing proposal?